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5 minutes with Ian Burns, your Logistics Trainer

Ian Burns is a logistics trainer at Monarch

Ian Burns is a logistics trainer at Monarch


1. Why you love logistics?

It’s something I got into by accident actually! But it suits my personality and my abilities so I’m still here. I like being creative to find solutions to problems, so logistics allows me to do this.
Logistics has also given me the opportunity to travel, meet some very interesting people and get involved in business projects far bigger than myself. I like making a contribution and sharing in the team’s successes whilst accepting my fair share of responsibility if things do not go as planned.

2. What’s your best tip for staying motivated when studying?

  • Studying a diploma is a big deal and will make a difference to who you are and influence the way you see yourself so you need a plan of attack:
  • Set goals and focus on your achievement
  • Manage your time, resources, and expectations
  • Keep things in perspective – studying will influence your life, so try not to be too hard on yourself when things don’t go the way you planned!
  • Work, life, family, study balance is incredibly important. And don’t forget to look after yourself!
  • The final part is relevance. Try to align what you are studying with what you do at work, which will help you keep it all in context and help you develop a network.

3. Advice for students wanting to get into a logistics role?

It’s not about a job, it is about the right job. This sounds a bit crazy, but in the business world, we act a little differently and we have more responsibilities. Knowing your default management style, your communication style, your strengths and weakness, will help you step into your next role. If you dedicate yourself to something, look for opportunities and establish yourself as a professional; opportunities will present themselves and people will help you along the way.

4. The most interesting project you’ve worked on in your career?

The most interesting and taxing project was when I worked alongside the Sydney Organising Committee for the 2000 Olympic Games. The project had to plan for everything; road transport options, railway track corridors and new stations, accommodation, security, aircraft parking options as the airport, supporting roles from regional areas and many more. Two really important projects included the design and building of a prototype railway station at the venue, and accommodating VIP’s and dignitaries on a cruise ship in the middle of Sydney Harbour, because to secure a ship was an easier option than land-based alternatives.

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