Industries that need Project Managers now

The role of a Project Manager no longer applies to just a job title but is instead fast becoming an essential skill for a broad range of industries. So is it worth investing in a project management course?

The demand in Australia

According to a report by the Australia Institute of Project Management and KMPG last year, project management skills are in demand in Australia, with high volumes of projects being delivered – and across a wider scope of project types beyond traditional infrastructure and technology areas.

Some of this increase in demand is due to the changes in the way we manage projects. Agile delivery approaches have risen, and are in use in over 47% of organisations. This shows that there’s increased use of Agile delivery approaches as either the predominant delivery approach or alongside traditional approaches.

The Department of Employment projections put growth in this field at 7.4% for the five years to 2022. That means not only are there plenty of exciting roles available now, but there’ll be even more by the time you finish your studies.

The top 10 industries

According to AIPM and Job Outlook, Project Managers might work in any type of industry, yet the below industries are in need of PM’s at the moment:

  • Construction
  • Information technology
  • Architecture
  • Government
  • Engineering
  • Events management.
  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Electricity, gas, water and waste services

Types of roles

The best thing about project management is that you can take your skills from one industry to the next. They are completely androgynous. There’s a huge demand for qualified project managers across a variety of industries and there’ a range of roles that fit into this title.


The future Project Manager will be more in touch with the needs and demands of their organisation. They’ll need to have well-developed skills in managing change, being connected across the business and handling difficult communications. And the good news? 50% of managers surveyed believe that a positive attitude is the most important attribute of an emerging project manager.

If you’re looking to move into a career in project management, studying project management online may be for you. Get in touch with Monarch to find out more.

Sources: Australian Institute of Project Management Annual Report 2019, AIPM and KMPG The future of Project Management Global Outlook 2019, Job Outlook Employment Projections 2019.