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Kellie Barrett

My work experience is varied – sometimes people ask me “what haven’t you done?”.

I’ve had diverse roles from direct customer service, visitor information, public programs development and interpretive centres, advertising, promotion, graphic design, workshop facilitation, strategic planning and submission writing, product and destination management. This breadth of experience has helped me to gather knowledge of integrated campaign development and creative production across all touch points from concept right through to final result, including print, digital and multi-platform outputs.

I embrace imagination, innovation and creativity., and to seek out ways to think outside the box.

Along with my work experience (and a degree in Marketing), I have continued to educate myself. Recently I fulfilled a dream of studying with The Disney Institute and Walt Disney World in their Business Excellence Program, working on brand development strategies and marketing projects.

What gets me out of bed in the morning?

Miss Mabel Pea, the puppy! I no longer need an alarm clock… Oh, and an aspiration to be the (industry) person I wish I could have relied on to guide and support me through study and work decisions, dilemmas and at times disasters.