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What does a social media manager actually do?

A social media manager’s role is becoming more and more sought after. You’ll be responsible for maintaining a business’ presence and reputation across social networks. You’ll need to have a strong knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest, and to stay across new networks and developments.

Your main tasks will be to:

  • develop social media campaigns for a range of audience demographics
  • research strategies, conduct tests and comparisons
  • create content across a range of mediums, including written posts and graphics
  • follow trends and devise plans to build new trends around hashtags and viral content
  • measure and report on data in order to make decisions on future content and campaigns.

Social media managers often work as part of marketing departments in a range of industries. You may form part of an in-house team, or work in an agency that provides social media services for a range of clients.

A social media manager also needs to have a love for people, within an online space, coupled with the desire to form connections, grow communities, drive conversation and get to know people. If you don’t love people, and conversation, and conversations within an online setting, please, stop reading now. Because you will never enjoy managing social media for a living if you don’t!

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