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Building Resilience

Business Victoria, in collaboration with Monarch Institute are offering this online course to help your small business prepare for business challenges.

The ‘Building Resilience’ course is designed to help owners of an existing small businesses who want short term, constructive advice to support business recovery as well as tools for longer-term future crisis planning. It also includes aspects of personal resilience and coping techniques for the well-being of the business owner as well as the health of the business.

These learning modules are entirely online and comprise of slides, PDF’s and a workbook that you can study at your pace. Take notes, make lists, get your action plan written, and put your new skills to use straight away. This course can be taken on its own or you can book to attend a live workshop or webinar to compliment your learnings.

The length of the learning modules is about 4-6 hours. This is dependent on your previous study experience, time availability, how fast you work and how committed you are.


Course topics:

  1. Crisis planning
  2. Responding to a crisis or emergency
  3. Recovering from a crisis
  4. Start your recovery
  5. Navigating insurances
  6. Your staff
  7. Getting your message out
  8. Loss of trade and cancelled bookings
  9. Financial management
  10. Trading through tough times