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Winning Government Business

Business Victoria, in collaboration with Monarch Institute are offering this online  course to help give small businesses the confidence they need to engage in government work by providing practical tips and simple strategies on how to develop business opportunities and then respond to Government tenders, quotes and grants.

‘Winning Government Business’ offers business owners at any stage, solutions to improve your strategy to grow your business.  You’ll learn how to engage with government and how to respond to government offer documents with confidence.

These learning modules are entirely online and comprise of slides, PDF’s and a workbook that you can study at your pace. Take notes, make lists, get your action plan written, and put your new skills to use straight away. This course can be taken on its own or you can book to attend a live workshop or webinar to compliment your learnings.

The length of the learning modules is about 4-6 hours. This is dependent on your previous study experience, time availability, how fast you work and how committed you are.


Course topics:

  1. Procurement policies
  2. How does Government publish procurement activities?
  3. The contracts used by Government with suppliers
  4. Contacting and marketing to government
  5. Bidding for federal and local government business
  6. Key government engagement strategies
  7. Ten tips for winning government business
  8. Responding to grants
  9. Checklist for completing a tender response
  10. How government evaluates your response
  11. Probity
  12. Local Jobs First
  13. Social procurement