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(Partial completion of FNS50615)

RG146 SMSF Accountants Accreditation

What does this course involve?

This course delivers the knowledge and skills required to provide RG 146 compliant Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) advice. SMSFs are a specialised area within the Superannuation industry. This area is growing rapidly with SMSF’s now accounting for the largest dollar share of the entire superannuation market – bigger than Retail Super Funds, Wholesale Super funds and Industry Super Funds!

RG146 SMSF accreditation is fast becoming the gold standard for existing Financial Planners, Accountants, and Tax Agents. It also appeals strongly to aspiring entrants into the financial services industry due to the sheer size of the SMSF market. Monarch’s SMSF course is highly practical, up-to-date, relevant and very easy-to-follow. There are regular legislative changes that occur in the SMSF area, and Monarch’s course writers consistently update the course materials to take into account of these changes.

Who should enrol?

People choose to enrol in this course for a number of reasons. Some are interested in becoming SMSF Advisers. Others just want to upgrade their existing qualifications to be RG146 compliant to further their career. And of course you might want to continue and complete the full Diploma of Financial Planning with us.

Are you an Accountant or Tax Agent?

After July 1st 2016 when the ASIC “Accountant Exemption” provisions no longer apply, Accountants and Tax Agents providing SMSF advice services must complete an RG146 SMSF accreditated course.  This is because ASIC deem SMSF’s to be a “financial product”. For more information go to Monarch’s RG146 SMSF Course satisfies these ASIC education requirements.

Please read our “Licensing Options” section below that explains the next step available to Accountants and Tax Agents after completing the education requirements satisfied when you complete Monarch’s RG146 SMSF Accountants Accreditation course.

Don’t hesitate to call us today on 1300 738 955 and one of our friendly course consultants would be happy to chat with you about your specific requirements.

This is an ASIC accredited course that covers:


Course Modules

  • DFP 1 - Foundations of Financial Planning
    1. Fundamentals of the Australian economy
    2. Financial markets & participants
    3. Regulatory environment
    4. Australian licensing framework
    5. Establishing client relationships
    6. Identifying client goals and objectives
    7. Analysing client risk profile
    8. Developing financial planning strategies
    9. Presenting strategies to clients
    10. Implementation of strategies
    11. Client review process
    12. Code of ethics
    13. Introduction to taxation
    14. Introduction to social security
    15. Estate planning fundamentals
    16. Risk management within a financial services office
  • DFP 3 (SMSFs) – Superannuation, Retirement Planning and SMSFs
    1. Superannuation in Australia
    2. Accumulation funds and defined benefit funds.
    3. Who can contribute into superannuation
    4. Identify the different kinds of contributions
    5. Taxation and superannuation earnings
    6. The superannuation guarantee
    7. The government co-contribution
    8. Super splitting and how it works
    9. Salary sacrifice and how it is applied
    10. The role and responsibility of superannuation trustees.
    11. How SMSF’s operate
    12. The mechanics of a superannuation pension
    13. Preservation age and accessing superannuation
    14. The tax applicable to superannuation benefits.
    15. The benefits of a transition-to-retirement strategy
    16. Responsibilities of SMSF trustees
    17. Borrowing within an SMSF
    18. Transferring assets out of an SMSF
    19. Insurance within an SMSF
    20. Winding up an SMSF
  • Licensing options

    What licensing option is right for me?

    Because SMSFs are considered a ‘financial product’, Accountants and Tax Agents who provide advice services after July 1st 2016 in regard to the establishment, ongoing maintenance and withdrawal of member benefits from SMSF’s (including lump sum and pension withdrawals) have the following options:

    Option 1: Obtain and maintain a limited Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) – The approximate ongoing compliance costs are $25,000 – $40,000 per annum

    Option 2: Become an Authorised Representative of an Australian Financial Service Licence (AFSL) holder.  This could be either limited in scope providing SMSF advice services only, or broader in scope allowing advice in other areas. If seeking to provide advice in other areas outside of SMSF’s such as investments or insurance advice, you will be required to complete an Investment and Insurance module, forming part of our FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning.

    Option 3: Refer clients to Licensed Financial Advisers via a documented referral relationship

    Option 4: Ceasing to provide SMSF advice services. This may mean lost revenue, or the opportunity cost a client chooses to move to an alternate Accountant or Tax Agent able to provide a full service.

  • Features

    Engaging content. Amazing support. 

    Online Study or Workshops
    Online Study (Self-Paced)
    • Easy-to-read course materials
    • Videos and Webinars
    • Telephone Support from our Accredited Trainers
    • Email Support from our Accredited Trainers
    • Online Assessments
    • Online Student Forums
    Workshops (Face-to-face)^           Online Study Support PLUS

    • Workshop contact days: 4 days
    • Facilitated by expert industry qualified trainers

    ^ Please note, the 4-day workshop time-frame is in addition to the Online study support available to all students. It is not indicative of the total course duration. Please refer to the ‘duration’ tab (below) for more information.

  • Online vs workshops

    Online Learning – any time, any place, with maximum flexibility

    Online learning allows you to start a course when and where it is convenient for you to study. It is particularly popular with stay-at-home parents, full time employees, or anyone seeking maximum flexibility because you can choose the pace you study (fast or slow).

    You are very well supported throughout your course. A dedicated Online education support team allows you to discuss your course work on a one-on-one basis with a specialist Financial Planning Trainer. Your Financial Planning Trainer is happy to contact you via phone, Skype, or email between Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm as you progress through the course, so you definitely won’t feel alone. You also have access to Online discussion forums via Monarch’s state-of-the-art learning management system providing access to an online learning community of fellow students.

    Please CLICK HERE for more information about studying Online with Monarch.

    Face-to-Face workshops – CBD training nationwide

    We offer intimate ‘small class room’ training (i.e. no more than 15 students per trainer) at our state-of-the-art training facilities just minutes from the CBD in all major States. All  training materials are included in our prices.

    Workshop interest varies across locations and times of the year. We would be pleased to record your interest in any of our face-to-face courses and will let you know as soon as the course is confirmed to proceed.

    Your office

    Monarch Institute provides onsite training for group instruction (minimum 6 staff). Please call us or email us, if you represent a company or organisation with more than 6 staff that require face-to-face workshops conducted at your office.

  • Pricing

    Detailed Pricing

    The RG146 SMSF Adviser course provides you with the ability to deliver personal superannuation advice to SMSF trustees and members. You can choose to enrol in this course Online or via face-to-face workshops.

    RG146 SMSF Course Distance (self paced)
    Face to Face
    DFP1 Foundations of Financial Planning $525 $1,000
    DFP3 (SMSFs) Superannuation, Retirement Planning and SMSFs $700 $1,225
    FULL Course Price
    Enrol in the FULL Course and save!!
    $1,050 $1,950

    ^All students studying at Monarch Institute are regarded as undertaking a course or qualification by distance education. Students may choose to attend optional workshops which are facilitated by a recognised industry expert (‘facilitator’), in this instance a Financial Planning Professional. All Monarch facilitators are nationally recognised trainers and assessors under the Australian Quality Framework (AQF). To successfully complete the RG146 SMSF Adviser Course, pre-reading, attendance at optional workshops (if applicable), self-study and post-workshop assessments is required. For further information, refer to Monarch Institute’s Student Information Guide.

  • Duration

    Is there a maximum course completion time?

    Yes – you have up to 1 year to complete the qualification, and many complete it in less time. 

    We find our students complete the RG146 SMSF Adviser course in varying time frames. It really does depend on your life situation, and time availability. There is also a requirement that you complete each module within 6 months (i.e. 2 modules times 6 months = 1 year maximum).

    Is there a minimum course completion time?

    No – there is no minimum course time-frame. 

    Students can complete the qualification as quickly as they choose.

    What is the average course completion time-frame?

    Volume of learning: We have found students that are genuinely motivated to progress through the course are able to complete the full course in 5-7 months. Other students take up to 1 year. The key factors that influence course completion is a student’s experience, time availability and work rate.

  • Assessments

    Monarch has carefully structured its financial services assessments to include a variety of formats which will enhance your understanding:

    • Case studies
    • Multiple  choice
    • Short answer questions
    • Workplace scenarios
    • Projects

    Check your English and Maths ability by CLICKING HERE

  • Career opportunities

    A growing industry

    Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF’s) are an exciting and dynamic area of advice within the financial services industry. SMSF’s are very popular with Australian investors, and have grown year-on-year in popularity. At present there are over 500,000 SMSFs in Australia. They make up more than 95% of all Australian superannuation funds and are the fastest growing sector within Superannuation. Superannuation and all it encompasses is a rapidly growing area of advice within the financial services industry. Any person who provides Superannuation and Retirement Planning advice must have an industry specific accreditation (known as RG146 certification). By completing this adviser course you will be in a strong position to also provide advice on SMSFs.

    What if I am an Accountant or Tax Agent?

    SMSF’s are deemed to be a financial product by ASIC. Consequently, the provision of personal advice to retail clients surrounding the establishment of SMSF’s is covered by financial services regulation. This regulation requires all providers of advice such as financial planners (and Accountants after July 1st 2016) to be licensed under an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL).

    What job roles exist?

    • Financial planner/adviser
    • Associate financial planner/adviser (i.e. a junior)
    • SMSF Specialist adviser
    • Accountant/tax agent wanting to provide SMSF advice
    • Para-planner
    • Financial Planning practice manager
    • Compliance officer at a financial planning firm/AFSL
    • Call center adviser for a specialist SMSF adminstrative platform provider
    • Back-office SMSF adminsitration operations officer
  • Study pathways

    Will previous study and experience count?

    Monarch Institute recognises Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) which takes into account the knowledge and skills you have already gained through your previous education and work history, attributing this to your RG146 SMSF course. This may be through formal or informal training and can result in credits towards your qualification. More information can be found in Monarch’s Student Information Guide.

    Future education pathways

    Completion of this RG146 SMSF course means you have automatically completed the requirements for 50% of the Diploma of Financial Planning. You only have to complete 2 additional modules in order to receive the full Diploma of Financial Planning.