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Ready to take the captain’s wheel? Project management is the art of directing people and resources. As a project manager, you’ll make sure events, initiatives and new products get done to spec, on time, and on budget. And it’s a set of skills you can take with you from industry to industry.

Your qualification from Monarch Institute is the first step towards a career in project management. Your trainers are professional project managers with real-world experience you can benefit from.

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More about our Project Management courses

Project management is an art. While it’s all about numbers and results, great PMs need to be creative and people-smart to get those runs on the board. For you to get where you’re aiming in your career, you need to be guided by an experienced project manager. A professional who knows the challenges of working to tough deadlines and KPIs, like Gary Hatfield, our course writer. He’s a certified practising project director, a professional member of the Australian Institute of Project Management, and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Your Monarch Institute course has been endorsed by the Australian Institute of Project Management and has been developed in consultation with an advisory board made up of industry leaders like Gary. You’ll graduate with real-world skills and strategies you can apply to projects in any sector. And of course, you’ll be fully supported in your blended online-first study by expert trainers.

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Project Management Course FAQs

  • What is a project management course?

    A project management course prepares you for a rewarding career as a project manager. This course teaches the essential skills and knowledge required to be a project manager, including project stages, resource management and stakeholder engagement.

    Our online Diploma of Project Management course equips you with the skills and knowledge to manage projects across various industries. We cover key concepts, including resource management, stakeholder engagement, budget adherence and project delivery. We use online assessments to measure competence, including case studies, multiple-choice, short answer questions and roleplays.

    Completing our project management course opens up your career options to the following types of positions:

    • Construction manager
    • Contract, program and project administrators
    • ICT project manager
    • Change management leader
    • Project Manager
  • How much does a project management course cost?

    The Diploma of Project Management costs $3,100 upfront. However, if paying upfront is not an option, payment plans are available with weekly instalments of $143.08 for 26 weeks, totalling $3,720. If you live in Victoria, you may be eligible for government funding. Find out you are eligible for a government-funded place by reviewing the eligibility criteria. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our friendly Course Consultants.

  • Why study a project management course?

    If you’re thinking project management sounds like a fun, versatile and profitable career path, you’d be right. Completing a project management course is a wise idea whether you’re new to the workforce or looking for a career change. Unlike other career paths that can box you into a particular sector, project managers can transfer their skills across industries, for example, construction, IT, or finance. Project management is the perfect career stepping stone if you want a well-paid position that doesn’t require an undergraduate degree.

    Project management is a lucrative entry-level position with an average salary of $130,000*. With more projects happening now than at any other time, project managers are in high demand within a growing industry. In fact, it’s predicted the demand for project managers will increase by 6.2% over the next five years.
    *Seek Australia

  • Who can complete this project management course?

    Good project managers are ambitious, organised, creative and interested in working across various industries. Anyone can enrol in the project management diploma; however, one of our Course Consultants will get in touch to ensure the course is a good fit. As this is an online course, you will need access to an up to date computer, the internet and a smartphone with a video camera.

  • How long is a project management course?

    Our Diploma of Project Management can take anywhere between 12-24 months to complete. There is no minimum timeframe to complete the course, allowing highly motivated students to complete the course in as little as you like. Once you’re accepted into the course, you can start straight away – no waiting until the following semester.

  • What do you learn from a project management course?

    Our Diploma of Project Management equips students with the skills to step into a project manager role in any industry. We teach the step by step process of managing projects, including but not limited to schedule, budget and resource management, stakeholder engagement, setting and meeting deadlines and KPIs. The diploma consists of 12 units spread across four modules.

    Module 1. Understanding Project Management and Initiating Projects
    This module looks at the foundations of effective project management and teaches students everything from stakeholder engagement to the importance of project governance.

    Module 2 . Scoping and Evaluating Projects
    Students will learn how to plan projects and establish the scope, budget, timelines and objectives.

    Module 3. Defining and Planning Projects
    This module focuses on defining and planning projects by procuring and managing resources, managing risk, and communicating with stakeholders.

    Module 4. Delivering, Closing and Reviewing Projects
    The final module ensures students can connect project objectives and stakeholder expectations by managing deliverables and reviewing performance against set goals.

Industry insights

Contract, program and project administrator insights
Current employment levels >164,700
Employment/positions projection 9.3% growth to 2026
Full time vs part time 82% full time
Average weekly earnings (full -time) $1,848
Specialist project manager insights
Employment/positions projection 17.5% to 2026
Industries Professional, Scientific and Technical Services; Information Media and Telecommunications; and Public Administration and Safety
Full time vs part time 88% full time

Project management insights

Project management is a diverse profession. The skills you pick up when you study project management can be applied to new programs, product launches, system changes and other projects across all kinds of industries. That’s just part of what makes project management such an exciting career opportunity today. After all, the stats show that most of us switch jobs about every three years.

But that doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch every time. Project management is a great way for you to apply the expertise you’ve worked so hard to develop. In fact, many project management students are degree-qualified professionals in their fields.

Contract, project and program administrator trends

There are over 160,000 contract, project and program administrators in Australia today. They spend their days developing and negotiating contracts, responding to stakeholder queries overseeing contractors and more. The number of employees in this type of project management has trended up for over a decade now.

Specialist project manager trends

In Australia, the range and number of specialist project managers is growing as our economy transitions from resources-based to service-based. In other words, as Australia develops its knowledge economy, you’ll have more opportunities than ever.

Specialist project managers are needed for…

  • change management
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • new business launches
  • product development
  • special events
  • quality assurance audits

…in everything from the arts and entertainment to scientific research.

Your next steps

Monarch’s Diploma of Project Management is completely flexible and packed with practical challenges that’ll leave you job ready from day one.


Meet your trainers

You'll be guided and supported by experts and thought leaders
Gary Hatfield
“If the pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”
- Robert Capa

For many years, I’ve worked in IT, moving from applications to data management. I’ve created and taught IT courses and developed some on the management of IT projects. That’s when I discovered project management and soon realised that there are many people managing projects, but very few who know what they are supposed to be doing.

I believe that those who know much about managing their projects are still a minority; and if you really understand project management, you can achieve so much more in satisfying stakeholders and delivering benefits. Project management is complex and rewarding.

I am a fellow of the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) and a member and active participant in several professional associations.

What makes me jump out of bed each morning?

I need to keep learning new concepts and new ways of achieving. Oh, and I love good wine and good coffee!

Learn more about Gary

Terrena Hooper
“If Opportunity doesn’t Knock, Build a Door.”
- Milton Berle

I have 15+ years experience managing HR, IT, and marketing projects across a variety of industry sectors, including government, retail, aged care, hospitals, mining, education, hospitality, facilities management and, most recently, associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve also led Australia-wide, APAC regional and global projects within the past 7 years as a senior manager in one of the world’s largest organisations. I taught vocational and university-level Project Management for over 10 years and is a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Association for Talent Development (ATD). I also have 7 years experience as a HR Specialist and HR Senior Leader in the 20th Largest Organisation in the world (from 2012-2019)

What makes me jump out of bed each morning?

I’m passionate about delivering successful projects and helping my students reach their career goals and dreams!

Learn more about Terrena

Any questions? Ask away!