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Gary Hatfield
“If the pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”
- Robert Capa

I love project management. I live it, breath it and teach it. For many years, I’ve worked in IT, moving from applications to data management. I’ve created and taught IT courses and developed some on the management of IT projects. That’s when I discovered project management and soon realised that there are many people managing projects, but very few who know what they are supposed to be doing.

That was a long time ago and the work scene has changed, but through consulting, training and lecturing to postgraduate university students, it remains clear that those who know much about managing their projects are still a minority; and if you really understand project management, you can achieve so much more in satisfying stakeholders and delivering benefits. Project management is complex and rewarding.

I’ve worked across a range of industries. Public infrastructure, mining, telecommunications, transport, retail and services, to name a few. I have briefed executives and trained the troops, and worked at all levels between. I have managed projects and helped others manage theirs better. I am a consultant, a trainer and an assessor. I am also a member and active participant in several professional associations.

What gets Gary out of bed in the morning?

I love new challenges. I love my family. I love photography and love this country. Any opportunity for new experiences in these areas is a real attraction to me. I also love learning. Staying in one place is moving backwards. I need to keep learning new concepts and new ways of achieving. And I love good wine and good coffee. And communicating. Teaching is about getting ideas across; and making the subject interesting. It matters little how much you know if you can’t transfer those concepts to someone else.

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Ready to take the captain’s wheel? Project management is the art of directing people and resources. As a project manager, you’ll make sure events, initiatives and new products get done to ‘spec’, on time, and on budget. And it’s a set of skills you can take with you from industry to industry.

Your qualification from Monarch Institute is the first step towards a career in project management. Your trainers are professional project managers with real-world experience you can benefit from.

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Project management courses

Project management is an art. While it’s all about numbers and results, great PMs need to be creative and people-smart to get those runs on the board. For you to get where you’re aiming in your career, you need to be guided by an experienced project manager. A professional who knows the challenges of working to tough deadlines and KPIs, like Gary Hatfield, our course writer. He’s a certified practising project director, a professional member of the Australian Institute of Project Management, and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Your Monarch Institute course has been developed in consultation with an advisory board made up of industry leaders like Gary. You’ll graduate with real-world skills and strategies you can apply to projects in any sector. And of course, you’ll be fully supported in your blended online-first study by expert trainers.

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