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Financial advice has the power to transform lives. As an adviser, you can help protect families, grow wealth, and give people the retirement they deserve. Now’s the time to step up and learn how to provide the advice that Aussies need to get ahead financially.

Starting down a new career path? Keeping your skills sharp? Either way, you’ll love studying with Monarch Institute. Find your course below. And if you’re not sure which one will suit you best, please get in touch now to discuss your options with your dedicated course consultant.


Financial planning courses

You deserve to learn from experts who are just as committed to the financial planning profession as you. Monarch Institute was founded by experienced financial advisers who wanted to show students what it’s actually like to practice in the real world. In other words, not just the theory. Courses are developed with an industry advisory council including recognised thought leaders.

We’re proud award finalists too. Monarch’s financial services team were recognised as a Finalist in the Institute of Financial Advisers Training and Education Provider of the Year Awards.

Looking to meet the Financial Adviser Standards? Monarch has formal pathways into the University of New England (AU)’s Financial planning programs that have been approved by FASEA. Check them out, and find the course that’s right for you.

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Industry insights

Financial planning industry insights
Employment/positions projection 4.6% growth to 2024
Earnings (Average full time earnings) $2,307 per week
Full time vs part time 84% full time

Financial planning – a growing industry

The financial services industry is an exciting, fast-changing industry. It’s quietly transforming the futures of millions of Australians. And you’re about to be a part of it.

The financial services industry is in the midst of a revolution. Technology is changing the way clients get advice. There’s a trend towards online advice; it’s more accessible and affordable for lots of clients. More and more practices are using software to manage each part of the client advice journey. For example, around 70% of advice practices in Australia use XPLAN, including many of the major banks. Client expectations and needs are evolving. You need to graduate ready to meet those needs.

Bridging the gap for your clients

According to research done on behalf of ASIC, less than 40% of Aussie adults understand basic investment principles like risk/return and diversification. Nearly a quarter wouldn’t be able to cover (or don’t know how they’d cover) three months’ living expenses if they lost their income. 11% have recently lost money they couldn’t afford to lose on an investment.

Long story short, there’s never been a greater need for quality financial advice and paraplaning services.  As a paraplanner, you’ll have a responsibility for ensuring your clients have a plan in place that meets their needs. But you’ll also need to make sure they understand what your team have recommended, so they can move forward confidently. And to do that, you’ll need to understand the subject matter inside out. That’s where Monarch Institute comes in. We don’t just teach you the regulation and theory. You’ll learn how to communicate key concepts to your clients.

Getting started

Looking to kickstart your career in financial services? Check out Monarch’s Advanced Diploma of Paraplanning, the only one of its kind in Australia.

Already working in advice or accounting? The Tax (Financial) Adviser Course is designed to get you accredited to give tax advice. And our XPLAN Training Course is great for getting to know the industry’s favourite planning software in record time. Of course, if you’re not sure which course is for you, you can always get in touch with one of our friendly Course Consultants.

Monarch offers accounting courses for students located in all locations and cities across Australia including Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

For more information on pathways to university courses, check out Monarch’s pathways into the University of New England (AU)’s Financial planning programs. 


Meet your trainers

You'll be guided and supported by experts and thought leaders
Ben Dascal
"Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right."
– Henry Ford

I am a qualified financial planner holding a tertiary qualification in financial planning, as well as being a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). I’ve worked as a financial planner for an Australian bank for over two years. Before that, I worked for over seven years as an associate adviser for another financial planning company.

What makes me jump out of bed each morning?

I enjoy catching up with friends, going for walks with my wife and following the North Melbourne Football Club.

Adrian Shaw
Adrian Shaw
"To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart"
– Eleanor Roosevelt

Drawing on nearly 20 years’ experience in the financial services sector, I lecture in Investments and Financial Services at the University of New England (UNE) and work with businesses to enhance the way they get things done. As subject coordinator for UNE, I recently developed the first Financial Services Simulator in Australia, and post-graduate subject offering students practical, real-world experience.

I’ve also worked with law firms, financial service providers, accountants and bookkeepers helping them streamline business operations and improve client experience.

What makes me jump out of bed each morning?

My dog and the desire to help my Monarch students!

Janine Cini
"The only way to do great work is to love what you do."
– Steve Jobs

I’m known as a bit of a superannuation guru here at the Monarch Institute office. I’ve got 30 years of experience in the financial services sector. I’ve worked in underwriting, corporate superannuation fund portfolios, business analysis, and self-managed superannuation funds.

I have undertaken a variety of roles, mostly within large corporations, but also with a number of small businesses. I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience in Monarch Institute’s student contact hours here in Melbourne.

What makes me jump out of bed each morning?

It’s all about balance and fitting as much into the day as possible. If the sun is shining an early morning horse ride is a must. A good balance of work to stimulate the mind and Pilates to keep in shape. And never a dull moment with three children and a close family living nearby.

Josh Wilson
"Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless."
– Jamie Paolinetti

I am a qualified financial planner with tertiary and vocational qualifications in financial planning and law. I’ve had 17 years of experience in the financial planning and wealth management industry. I have worked as a financial planner for a large Australian bank and boutique wealth management firm for over 10 years, and prior to that, as a fund accountant for a London-based asset manager.

What makes me jump out of bed each morning?

I am usually woken up by my three children first! I get excited to see my heirloom tomatoes growing strongly in spring. I love cooking at home on the weekend, hanging out in the park with my wife and children, and I’m a mad (suffering) Carlton supporter.

Any questions? Ask away!