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Studying Online

What is studying online?

It’s been a long time since ‘education’ only meant ‘sitting in a classroom or lecture theatre in front of a teacher’. Thanks to technology, you can be thousands of kilometres away from your teacher. You can switch from video lectures to text to multimedia demos in seconds. And you can still get in touch with your trainers and other students when you need.

Choosing to study online is now mainstream. It’s popular with people who don’t have time for old-school education. You can learn when you like, where you like, and at your own pace. No more blocking out hours out of your schedule. Take it one step at a time – or five minutes, as the case may be.

Why study online?

Studying online is a rich experience. Think of it as beyond classroom learning. You’ll get direct access to your trainer, and handy reference texts, including PDFs. But you’ll also get heaps of resources that enhance your experience. Like videos, demo templates, multimedia presentations, webinars, and interactive content.

You’ll have access to Moodle, our online learning management system. On top of the course content, Moodle contains all the assessments that you’ll complete and submit online.

How does studying online work?

Wherever you’ve got an internet connection and a browser, you can study online. You generally don’t need special equipment, and there’s no need to download software.

To get to your Learning Management System (virtual classroom) you can go via the Monarch Institute website, click on the student login button and add your details.From there, you’ll be able to see all the study materials and assessments you need.

Want to get social with your classmates? We’ve got a huge Facebook group for Monarch Institute students, so you can chat with people who are learning what you’re learning. Or people who’ve already completed it successfully.

What about student support?

If you’re having trouble wrapping your head around a concept you reach out to your trainer.  We provide unrivalled student support while you study online with Monarch Institute. Your trainer is available to speak to you at a time that works for you.

Check out video below for more info. Or call us on 1300 738 955.  A Course Consultant will be able to answer all your questions about studying online.


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