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Transport and logistics industry insights

Employment/positions projection 6.5% growth to 2024
Earnings (average full time earnings) $1,457 per week
Flexibility 24/7 opportunities - logistics never stops!

Transport and logistics: Australia’s powerhouse

Without transport and logistics professionals, Australia’s economy would slow to a crawl. And those folks are going to be even more important in future. According to the Australian Logistics Council, the quantity of goods being shipped to, from and across Australia will triple by the year 2050. Government stats suggest the sector is responsible for nearly 5% of GDP. That’s just under $80 billion a year!

There’s plenty of room for productivity improvement, too. The Aussie transport and logistics sector is still about 10% less productive than our average global competitor. But exciting technology, such as automation solutions, is changing the face of logistics all over the world. You could be part of the innovation that makes Australia a world leader in years to come.

Get in on the ground floor

With the right real-world education and insight from industry veterans, you could ride the wave of the massive projected growth in employment. In addition to the numbers above, you can look forward to climbing the ladder at an employer that’ll value your loyalty and hard work. According to a Department of Employment paper, transport and logistics employers are more likely than others to employ an apprentice or trainee because they plan to up-skill them and keep them for the long term. Great things are coming for those who’ve been in the industry for some time, too. For example, there’s set to be a spectacular 20.9% growth in the number of jobs for specialist supply, distribution and procurement managers.  It’s up to you to be ready to step up and take on management responsibilities. Luckily, we can help with that.

Study flexibility is just one of the ways Monarch Institute fits in with your life and your future in transport and logistics. Whether you’re preparing for a career change, or stepping up in your current organisation, you’ll love learning with us.

Your next step

The TLI50219 Diploma of Logistics could be your path to the great opportunities in this sector.


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Meet your trainers

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Ian Burns
"If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on" – Sheryl Sandberg

I have over 30 years’ combined industry experience as a logistician in high volume manufacturing, warehousing and supply chain industries. I’ve also had experience in the superannuation industry. Past industry projects I’ve contributed to include the 2000 Olympic Games Project  in Sydney.

Over the years, I’ve accumulated several high level tertiary qualifications in logistics, supply chain, sustainability, and management.

What makes him jump out of bed each morning?

I am always looking for opportunities to make a difference and support people in their career choices. I believe that education is a silver bullet that can be used as a platform for on-going success.

Peter Burns
"Don't let yesterday take up too much of today"
- Will Rogers

I’ve been exposed to various industry sectors including manufacturing, distribution, tertiary, freight forwarding, 3PL, online and consulting during my career in the logistics arena.
This has given me a broad insight into what drives logistics businesses, the people, processes and technology required in successful organisations and also the constraints in managing complex, fast paced operations.

What makes me jump out of bed each morning?

My dogs and a desperate need for coffee!

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