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Welcome – you’ve taken the first step towards your new career in the accounting and bookkeeping field! The future’s looking bright (check out our Industry insights below). First things first – let’s make sure you choose the right course. One thing they’ve all got in common? Monarch Institute courses are designed and delivered so you end up with real world knowledge and skills.

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Accounting & bookkeeping courses

Monarch Institute is one of very few registered training organisations (RTOs) to offer the Tax Practitioners Board approved courses required to become a registered BAS agent or a registered tax agent. We’re also included in a very select few accredited training providers listed by the world’s largest bookkeeping institute, the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. In other words, they’re fit for what the industry is looking for.

Courses are delivered by skilled professionals, senior CPA and chartered accountants, registered BAS agents and bookkeepers. They have decades of combined experience across an extensive range of industries.

Study accounting or bookkeeping with us and you’ll get practical training that makes use of industry leading software. It’s all about making you job-ready from the moment you graduate.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping Course FAQs

  • How long does it take to become a qualified accountant or bookkeeper?
    Our Diploma of Accounting can take anywhere between 6 and 24 months to complete. There is no minimum timeframe to complete the course, allowing highly motivated students to complete the course in as little as you like. Once you’re accepted into the course, you can start straight away – no waiting until the following semester.
    Once you have a Diploma of Accounting you can register with the Institute Of Public Accountants (IPA) (although registration is not compulsory) and start work as an accountant or bookkeeper.
  • What is the difficulty level of an accounting course?
    A Diploma level qualification under the Australian Qualifications Framework is designed to provide students with specialised knowledge and skills for skilled/paraprofessional work and/or further learning.
    Hence, the Diploma of Accounting requires students to demonstrate a broad range of cognitive, technical and communication skills including the ability to:
    – analyse information to complete a range of activities
    – provide and transmit solutions to sometimes complex problems
    – transmit information and skills to others
    Read more about AQF levels and the AQF levels criteria here:
  • What is an accounting or bookkeeping course used for?
    The Diploma of Accounting can be used for:
    • Individuals wanting to or who are currently undertaking Bookkeeping or Accounting job roles in financial services and other industries requiring a Diploma level qualification
    • Individual wanting to be registered Tax agents (it is an industry requirement to have, as a minimum, a Diploma of Accounting to register with the Tax Practitioners Board as a Tax agent)
    • Individuals wanting to start their own Bookkeeping/Accounting business
    • Individuals wanting to study the FNS60222 Advanced Diploma of Accounting or higher education
  • Should I study an accounting or bookkeeping course online?

    If you want flexibility to learn at your own pace, if you need more time to grasp new concepts, if you want to move through the course at an accelerated pace, if you want the option to study when and where it suits you, if you are unable to attend face-to-face classes, if you want access to supportive trainers (video calls, email, telephone, webinars) who will respond within 24 hours, if you want access to peer support through a closed Facebook group, then Monarch’s online self-paced study model will work for you.

  • Is accounting a quantitative course?
    An accounting qualification is not a quantitative qualification, but it can lead to the same career options as a quantitative qualification.
    If you study a quantitative qualification the focus is more mathematics-intensive, analytical, and evaluative than accounting, and delves into financial markets, portfolio and investment management theory, and security analysis and valuation. Whereas an accounting qualification includes financial reporting, budgeting and management reporting, financial performance information and taxation for individuals and legal entities.
  • What accounting or bookkeeping course is best for me?
    Our Diploma of Accounting is a great starting point for anyone looking to get into the accounting or bookkeeping industry.
    Once you have a Diploma of Accounting you can register with the Institute Of Public Accountants (IPA) (although registration is not compulsory) and start work as an accountant or bookkeeper! And you can use your Diploma as a pathway into futher education in the field.
  • What course pathways are best for becoming an accountant
    Our Diploma of Accounting is a great starting point for anyone looking to get into the accounting or bookkeeping industry.
    Once you have a Diploma of Accounting you can register with the Institute Of Public Accountants (IPA) (although registration is not compulsory) and start work as an accountant or bookkeeper.
    If your goal is to become a Chartered Accountant, you can use your Diploma as a pathway into futher education to continue your study and progress along your career path.

Industry insights

Accounting industry insights
Employment/positions projection 15.1% growth to 2024
Earnings (Average full time earnings) $1660 per week
Full time vs part time 80% full time
Bookkeeping industry insights
Bookkeeping sector size 116,000 employed
National employment breakdown (top 3) 28.9% (NSW), 27.6% (VIC), 20.4% (QLD)
Flexible career options 67% part time

Accounting and bookkeeping – a growing industry

Australia’s economy is moving from resources to services. In the next 20-30 years, we’ll see a lot more people doing knowledge-based work, rather than physical labour. The skills that accountants and bookkeepers use are transferrable between industries, all across Australia. That’s part of why there are thousands of accounting and bookkeeping jobs advertised every month. In other words, accounting and bookkeeping is a particularly exciting field. And you’re about to become part of it.

Bookkeeping trends

Bookkeeping is a very attractive job role for people seeking a flexible lifestyle. The statistics are striking. More than half of all bookkeeping jobs are part-time roles. With over two million small businesses in Australia, many choose to outsource bookkeeping functions to self-employed accredited bookkeepers. Many businesses offer part-time job roles. Larger businesses offer traditional full time and part-time jobs in a variety of areas. These include key divisions such as accounts, payroll, and treasury. The bottom line is, a qualification in bookkeeping opens up a lot of employment flexibility, both for today and tomorrow.

Accounting trends

Accounting jobs are skewed more to full time roles, certainly compared to bookkeeping. Accountants are in demand, and job openings are forecast to grow. Accounting is much more than simply crunching numbers. It involves interpreting financial information to allow informed decisions about small, medium and large businesses. If you become an accountant, you will become a financial ‘mechanic’ able to diagnose financial issues within a business, and fix them. Have you heard the famous saying, “knowledge is power”? We suggest financial knowledge takes you one step further.

Your next steps

Choose from one of our nationally recognised courses including the FNS40217 Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping, FNS50217 Diploma of Accounting, FNS60217 Advanced Diploma of Accounting or the Diploma of Payroll Services FNS50417.

Monarch offers accounting courses for students located in all locations and cities across Australia including Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and Tasmania. Get in touch with Monarch today to learn more.


Meet your trainers

You'll be guided and supported by experts and thought leaders
Michelle Dascal
Michelle Ma
"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new."
– Albert Einstein

I currently work in a mid-tier accounting firm as a senior accountant, and love it. I have over 8 years’ experience working as a business service accountant and tax consultant. I look after a portfolio of clients across various industries, and that’s really interesting. Observing different sector dynamics at play is fascinating. My skills include preparing financial statements, preparing tax returns, BAS, budgeting, cash flow analysis and tax consulting.

What makes me jump out of bed each morning?

I’m passionate about eating food. I love to try different cuisines in restaurants, and enjoy cooking as well. The bed time discussion generally starts with, ‘…what are we going to eat tomorrow’?

John Deininger
"The only choice we can make as a nation is the choice about our future."
- Hon Paul Keating

I am a qualified Chartered Accountant, with a career in financial services, working with both large and small chartered accounting firms, financial services businesses both in Australia and overseas and a mid-tier industry superannuation fund. I’ve worked in a volunteer capacity in the local community; I’m the treasurer of two community organisations.

What makes me jump out of bed each morning?

I enjoy the year-round wonders of the outdoors so close to Melbourne’s doorstep, while still hanging onto an inner city cosmopolitan life style, hopefully the best of both worlds. A bike, kayak, tent and xc skis are my most treasured possessions!

Jenny Hargreaves
Jenny Hargreaves
"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."
– Theodore Roosevelt

I’m a registered BAS agent, holding vocational and tertiary qualifications in bookkeeping, accounting, training and psychology. I’ve had 28 years’ experience in the financial services industry, including roles for a large Australian bank and a small Australian regional bank. I run my own bookkeeping company in NSW alongside my role as a trainer here at Monarch Institute.

What makes me jump out of bed each morning?

Once the first espresso of the day kicks in it all changes. As the ‘pawrent’ of two adorable dogs, I adopt their outlook on life. That is, live in the moment and always have a good stretch before doing anything.

Leanne Pagano
"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think"
- A.A. Milne

I am a registered tax agent with qualifications in Accounting and Training and Assessment.  I have my own small practice that I have been operating for over 10 years.

I’ve worked as a bookkeeper for small/medium businesses to an accountant in CPA firms.  I love sharing my knowledge and passion with students who are new to the field.  I have total understanding and empathy for our students who undertake online studies, fitting in their daily lives with study.

What makes me jump out of bed each morning?

I’m not much of a morning person!  I need my cup of tea to get me going before getting the menagerie of animals fed – dogs, chickens, rabbits, budgie and one lone pigeon that ensure I am up and about.

Karen Loynd
"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”
- Chinese proverb

I am an accountant with a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and various teaching qualifications. I have twenty years of experience teaching accounting and bookkeeping courses at a leading TAFE college and I’ve taught online courses for several years.

What makes me jump out of bed in the morning?

Helping people, whether it is students, family, friends or the wider community. I also enjoy tennis and having something fun to do.

Belinda Marino
“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”
-Albert Einstein

I’m a registered BAS agent and Certified Bookkeeper, holding vocational and tertiary qualifications in bookkeeping and accounting, training and assessment, small business management and mechanical engineering. I am a Xero Certified Advisor and Xero Payroll Certified. I’ve had seven years’ experience in the financial services industry, working with businesses over a wide range of industries.

I currently run my own bookkeeping business alongside my role as a trainer here at Monarch Institute. I have a special interest in teaching students with learning difficulties, as two of my children are dyslexic.

What makes me jump out of bed each morning?

I love watching my Monarch students grow their confidence and increase their knowledge.

Natasha Daraio
"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way"
- John C. Maxwell

I have over 11 years’ industry experience working in various accounting roles – having worked as a tax accountant in private practice, a financial administrator in a solicitors firm and a financial planner in both private practices and in the banking industry. I moved into adult education 10 years ago following the birth of my third daughter and have taught at Gippstafe, Federation Training and Swinburne University.

I love travelling overseas – I’ve been in the lively New Orleans for the St Patrick’s day street party and even skydived on the north shore in Hawaii.

What makes me jump out of bed each morning?

My three daughters get me up each day! When I’m not busy working, you’ll find me curled up reading a book or asking one of my daughters to do something (for the millionth time!).

Melissa Nettle
Melissa Nettle
"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"
- Dr. Seuss

Over the past 25+ years I have worked in various roles within the financial services industry including being an Accounting Coordinator and working as a Trainer and Assessor for HR, Accounting, Bookkeeping and Business Administration courses.

I am a proud Mum of three beautiful daughter’s. In fact, I started and completed my accounting degree online whilst on maternity leave so I can relate to the struggles involved with juggling studying full time and being a Mum.

What makes me jump out of bed each morning?

The need for coffee! Also, every new day presents an opportunity to do something to help me feel fit, healthy and happy.

Any questions? Ask away!