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Certificate IV Level English and Maths Quiz

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Welcome to the Monarch Institute Certificate IV level English and Maths online quiz.

The purpose of this quiz is for you to assess whether you are ready to commence study at a Cert IV level.

There are 12 questions in total.

Make sure you read the question thoroughly before you attempt the answer.

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1. Which of the following sequence of words are in alphabetical order?

Read the following passage then answer the questions that follow (questions 2-5):


Bay City Surf Wear is a small business that has been established by its owner operator Sue Campbell. Her target market is younger women and her products are designed for people aged from around 15 to 30 years old looking for beach wear and casual summer clothing and accessories. Sue has previously worked in fashion sales in several clothing stores and believes she has the skill and talent to operate her own business.
Sue has sourced four wholesalers from where she will buy most of her stock, including arrangements with two suppliers for 30 days credit, while the others are Cash on Delivery (COD). She has purchased her store fittings and has $15,000 of stock (Stock at Valuation - or SAV), with a further $10,000 on 30 days credit.

The business has an operating cash reserve of $20,000. She has leased premises in a large shopping arcade at an annual cost of $19,800. Her monthly outgoings (phone, IT, power and water) come to around $850 per month. Sue has recruited three casual part-time sales assistants who work on some weekends and during the week in the busier shopping periods. She is budgeting on a casual wages bill of around $1,600 per week from October to March and $1,100 per week for the rest of the year. Sue is planning to take drawings of $1,000 per week for her personal wages.

She has calculated that she will need to sell around $9,000 worth of stock a month (at a 40% mark-up) to cover all her commitments. To help set up the business Sue has employed Pam Polenta as her bookkeeper who will assist her in setting up her accounts receivables, accounts payable, payroll, stock control accounts, BAS and banking arrangements using a small business accounting software package of some kind. At this stage Sue has been advised by Pam that MYOB is a popular choice with many small businesses, but Sue has had no experience of this software herself.

2. What are the rental costs for a year in this shopping centre?


3. What are Sue's weekly wages going to be?


4. What is the name of the computing sotware being considered for tracking the shop's operations?


5. How many wholesalers require terms of Cash on Delivery?


6. George is a Payroll Clerk who has overpaid two workers by $135.00 each. They have to repay the extra amount and will have $5 per week deducted from their future pays until it is totally repaid. How many weeks will it be until they receive a full pay?

Select one of the below answers:


7. Which of the following is NOT a common meaning for the word disbursement?

8. Which of the following is spelled correctly:

i. Debter

ii. Finance

iii. Management

iv. Inshorance

v. Buisness

vi. Guarantee

Select one of the below answers:


9. How many weeks is 189 days equivalent to?


10. Rohit runs a finance company that charges its clients $50 per hour for consultations plus $65 for any written quotes. How much money will the company make from three clients who each have a two hour consultation, where one client also requests a written quote?

Select one of the below answers:

scale-690839_1280 (1)

11. Which represents the best buy - in other words which of the following is the best value for money option?


12. Tanya is a Financial Adviser. One of her clients takes out a life insurance premium at the cost of $276 per year, of which 2.5% is paid as a commission to Tanya. What amount of money would Tanya receive in commissions if she sells 54 of these policies a year?

Select one of the below answers: