So what is online learning all about?

Things are moving quickly in the education space, and Monarch not surprisingly has chosen to be a forerunner. What does that mean for you, our valued students? A better experience.  After all that is what we obsess about. And who said being obsessive is always a bad thing 🙂

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So what is online learning all about? Well firstly it is a journey any training organisation must take, some are resisting ‘change’ while others are embracing it. We would like to think we fit into the latter category. An example of what we are doing is we have recently integrated “Big Blue Button”, an online course delivery technology platform into a selected number of courses. This allows our trainers to provide online virtual workshops for our online students, all from the comfort of their lounge room or anywhere with an internet connection.

It means people that are working, or looking for flexibility around how, when and where they study can save approximately 50% on course fees! If that isn’t compelling enough, did you know every online student has an expert trainer with successful industry knowledge and skills individually allocated to them? Yes, that is right, you can call your trainer as often as required to ensure your study is a rich learning experience and you are not missing anything along the way. Our online trainers are happy to discuss course content or assessment queries at a time that suits you. This includes outside the normal 9-5 pm hours, given we know many students of ours also work full-time. That is what our trainers are paid for, so make sure you use that fantastic resource. And remember, you have Skype, phone and email to choose from when contacting your trainer. Online study really is the way of the future. If you are thinking about starting an online course, make sure to call us on 1300 738 955 for a chat.