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Diploma of Leadership and Management

What does a business management diploma involve?

Monarch’s BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership & Management will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve your career goals in management. You will analyse the latest management theories, management styles, organisation strategy, innovation and change management, and learn how to effectively manage and lead teams using proven communication solutions. You will also learn how to attract and retain the best talent to achieve business goals, and build a competitive advantage.

The right knowledge is the first step to success

You probably aren’t surprised to learn a job role that involves “managing” isn’t easy. People are often great at what they do and happy to be accountable for their own output. However, it can be challenging transitioning to a management role where you are accountable for a team’s result beyond just your own! This Diploma of Management explains for you the best way to influence results as a manager.  Whether you are currently in a management role, or are seeking to get there, this course provides the key information you need to succeed as a leader and manager.

BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management – A nationally recognised course

The course is nationally accredited by the Australian Government under the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). Students who have completed the course tell us it was engaging, well structured, and easy-to-follow. The course is structured so you can learn at your own pace, ensuring work/life balance.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

For those currently working in a management and leadership position, with over 5 years business management experience, ask our friendly course consultants about our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) solution eligibility. Our expert trainer will develop a tailored training plan for you based on your existing role and experience. For more information please click the “Study pathways” drop down menu (below).

Victorian Government Funding is available:

Check your eligibility by CLICKING HERE

Course Modules

  • Module 1 - Introduction to management
    1. The origins of management and the evolution of management
    2. The different managerial roles and functions
    3. What managers do and what it takes to be a manager
    4. Why management matters and how to get a competitive advantage through people
    5. Organisational environments both external and internal
    6. Organisational cultures: creation, success and change
    7. Scientific management, human relations management, operations, information systems and contingency management
    8. What is ethical and unethical workplace behaviour
    9. Influences on and practical steps to ethical decision making
    10. Corporate social responsibility and economic performance
  • Module 2 - Planning
    1. Benefits and pitfalls of planning and how to make a plan that works
    2. Steps and limits to rational decision making and using groups to improve decision making
    3. The basics of organisational strategy including strategy making process
    4. Corporate – level. Industry – level, and firm – level strategies
    5. Why innovation matters and how to manage innovation
    6. Organisational decline and the risk of not changing
    7. Resistance to change and how to effectively manage change
    8. Global business, trade rules and trade agreements
    9. How can an organisation go global and what different approaches to go global
    10. The different types of global businesses
    11. Finding the best business climate to expand internationally
    12. How to understand cultural differences
    13. Preparing employees for an international assignment and preventing expat failure
  • Module 3 - Organising and leading
    1. How to design different organisational structures
    2. Intra and Inter organisational processes
    3. The good and bad of using teams
    4. The different kinds of teams and stages of team development
    5. The characteristics of work teams and how to enhance work team effectiveness
    6. Human resources management in today’s companies
    7. How to find qualified workers and develop them
    8. How to retain good talent in the organisation
    9. Managing a diverse workforce
    10. The basics of motivation and different motivational theories
    11. Different approaches to leadership and what leadership style works best
    12. The importance of communication and how to manage and improve
  • Module 4 - Controlling and managing information and knowledge
    1. The basics of control and the control process
    2. Control methods in organisations and what to
    3. Strategic importance of information
    4. Characteristics and costs of useful information
    5. Capturing, processing and protecting information
    6. Accessing and sharing information and knowledge
    7. Managing for productivity and quality
    8. Managing manufacturing and service operations
  • Features

    Engaging content. Amazing support. 

    Online Study or Workshops
    Online Study (Self-Paced)
    • Easy-to-read course materials including a posted text book
    • Videos and Webinars
    • Telephone Support from our Accredited Trainers
    • Email Support from our Accredited Trainers
    • Online Assessments
    • Online Student Forums
    Corporate workshops (Face-to-face)^


              Online Study Support PLUS

    • Workshop contact days: 8 days
    • Facilitated by expert industry qualified trainers

    ^ For corporate clients only. Please note, the 8-day corporate workshop time-frame is in addition to the Online study support available to all students. It is not indicative of the total course duration.  Please refer to the ‘duration’ tab (below) for more information.

  • Online vs workshops

    Online Learning – any time, any place, with maximum flexibility

    Online learning allows you to start a course when and where it is convenient for you to study. It is particularly popular with stay-at-home parents, full time employees, or anyone seeking maximum flexibility because you can choose the pace you study (fast or slow).

    You are very well supported throughout your course. A dedicated Online education support team allows you to discuss your course work on a one-on-one basis with a specialist Leadership and Management Trainer. Your Leadership and Management Trainer is happy to contact you via phone, Skype, or email between Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm as you progress through the course, so you definitely won’t feel alone. You also have access to Online discussion forums via Monarch’s state-of-the-art learning management system providing access to an online learning community of fellow students.

    Please CLICK HERE for more information about studying Online with Monarch.

    Face-to-Face workshops (corporates only) – CBD training nationwide

    We offer intimate ‘small class room’ training for corporate clients (i.e. no more than 12 students per trainer) at our state-of-the-art training facilities just minutes from the CBD in all major States. All  training materials are included in our prices. Workshop interest varies across locations and times of the year so if you work for a company and are looking for a corporate training solution, please contact us to confirm your interest.

    Your office

    Monarch Institute provides onsite training for group instruction (minimum 6 staff). Please call us or email us, if you represent a company or organisation with more than 6 staff that require face-to-face workshops conducted at your office.

  • Government funding

    We offer Government subsidised AND Australia-wide standard fee places. As a National training provider with training venues in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, the majority of our students are NOT eligible for additional Government Funding if they live outside the State of Victoria. Please know, Monarch trains more students outside of Victoria than within, and provides fantastic training to students across every State of Australia, all at great prices! Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly course consultants if you have any questions on 1300 738 955.

    If you live in Victoria, Monarch has Government funded placed for 2017.

    To see if you are eligible for a Government Funded place, please CLICK HERE to see the criteria or contact one of our friendly course consultants on 1300 738 955 to learn more.

  • Pricing

    BSB51915 Diploma Leadership & Management – Detailed Pricing

    You can choose to enrol in the FULL BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management or alternatively you can enrol in just individual units (see prices below). There are substantial savings when enrolling in the Full Course.

    Diploma units Online (self paced)
    Face to Face
    Module 1 – Introduction to management $750 $1,100
    Module 2 – Planning $750 $1,100
    Module 3 – Organising and leading $750 $1,100
    Module 4 – Controlling and managing knowledge & information $750 $1,100
    FULL Diploma $2,100 $4,150
    Enrol in the FULL Diploma and Save. Quality education, now more affordable Quality education, now more affordable

    ^All students studying at Monarch Institute are regarded as undertaking a course or qualification by Online education. Students may also choose to attend optional workshops which are facilitated by a recognised industry expert (‘facilitator’), in this instance a Leadership & Management Professional. All Monarch facilitators are nationally recognised trainers and assessors under the Australian Quality Framework (AQF). To successfully complete the BSB51915 Leadership & Management, pre-reading, attendance at optional workshops (if applicable), self-study and post-workshop assessment is required. For further information, refer to Monarch Institute’s Student Information Guide and the

  • Duration

    Is there a maximum course completion time?

    Yes – you have up to 2 years to complete the qualification, and many complete it in less time. 

    We find our students complete the BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership & Management in varying time frames. It really does depend on your life situation, and time availability. There is also a requirement that you complete each module within 6 months (i.e. 4 modules times 6 months = 2 years maximum).

    Is there a minimum course completion time?

    No – there is no minimum course time-frame. 

    Students can complete the qualification as quickly as they choose.

    What is the average course completion time-frame?

    Volume of learning: We have found students that are genuinely motivated to progress through the course are able to complete the full course in less than 12 months. Other students take up to 2 years. The key factors that influence course completion is a student’s experience, time availability and work rate.

  • Accreditation

    Monarch Institute’s BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership & Management is Government accredited. The qualification has National recognition under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) meaning it can be used as a pathway to a university qualification, nationwide.

    To be awarded this qualification, 12 units of competency are required.

    The units of competency* listed below are packaged into 4 modules:

    (1 – Introduction to management, 2 – Planning, 3 – Organising and leading, 4 – Controlling, managing knowledge and information)

    National Unit Code*  Unit Title
    Module 1 Introduction to management
    BSBMGT624 Develop and implement corporate social responsibility
    BSBLDR504  Implement diversity in the workplace
    Module 2 Planning
    BSBMGT517 Manage operational plan
    BSBINN501 Establish systems that support innovation
    BSBINN601 Lead and manage organisational change
    BSBMGT518 Develop organisation policy
    Module 3 Organising and leading 
    BSBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence
    BSBLDR502 Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
    BSBLDR503 Communicate with influence
    BSBMGT502 Manage people performance
    BSBWOR502 Lead and manage team effectiveness
    Module 4 Controlling and managing knowledge & information 
    BSBINM501 Manage an information or knowledge management system
  • Assessments

    Monarch has carefully structured its assessments to include a variety of formats which will enhance your understanding:

    • Case studies
    • Multiple choice
    • Short answer questions
    • Workplace scenarios
    • Projects

    Check your English and Maths ability by CLICKING HERE

  • Career opportunities

    Leadership and management careers

    Managers are needed in all sectors of the economy. Managing people and resources is a critical function of business, and there are different levels of management when it comes to leadership and management job roles. Broadly, there are junior managers (often called Team Leaders) that might be accountable for managing a small team’s results. There are middle-level managers that often manage both Team Leaders, and other staff that report directly into them. Then, there are Senior managers that are often strategically focused that will have middle-level managers reporting to them, and possible Senior staff reporting directly to them. Depending on the size of the business, there will be different layers of management depending on how many staff are in the business, the type of industry the business operates within, and how many departments exist.

    What job roles exist?

    • Team leader
    • Product Manager
    • Service Manager
    • Business Development Manager
    • Training Manager
    • Senior Manager
    • Head of Strategy
    • Head of Product and Service
    • Head of Innovation
    • Head of Human Resources
    • CEO
  • Study pathways

    Will previous study and experience count?

    Monarch Institute recognises Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) which takes into account the knowledge and skills you have already gained through your previous education and work history, attributing this to your BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership & Management course. This may be through formal or informal training and can result in credits towards your qualification. More information can be found in Monarch’s Student Information Guide.

    Future education pathways

    After successfully completing the BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management, you may like to enrol in Monarch’s BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management.

    What if I am an existing manager?

    If you have 5 years management experience and currently work in a management role, our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) solution for existing managers is a popular option. Our expert trainers will develop a tailored training plan for you based on your existing job role, allowing you to develop assessments related to your current work. The benefit of this is you can develop projects that meet both work requirements and educational competency outcomes for this qualification, in consultation with your trainer. Where this is agreed by the Monarch trainer, work information you submit will be treated in the strictest of confidence by Monarch Institute, and your trainer.