Glenn Buesnel-May

About Glenn Buesnel-May

I’m a dad of three, a pilot, photographer, musician and writer. I enjoy listening to, and performing, a wide range of musical genres. In my work with Monarch, I enjoy seeing my students and clients gain greater success in their professions and overall hapiness in their lives has always been my greatest professional rewards.

Academic Credentials

I have qualifications in HR, Management, Leadership, Coaching, Warehousing, Transport and Logistics, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Advanced Training Facilitation. I also trained in Professional Mentoring, Workplace and Leadership Coaching, Counselling, Conflict Management and underwent undergrad studies in Human Resources. I’ve been on a number of National and State Boards and Committees and I was a Chair for one.

Work Experience

I started my career in the Banking sector with experience in lending, securities and lending auditing. I then spent almost 30 years in the Royal Australian Air Force where I specialised in Logistics as a Supply Chain Executive, Leadership Development at the Centre for Defence Leadership and Ethics and in Officer Education and Training,

In 2007, I established a private business as a consultant, specialising in Leadership, Management, Business and People and Culture.

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