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Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) Course

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Validated by the Global Industry Advisory Council:


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Duration 6 months
How it works Study online. With a difference.
Price $2,995 | $138.23 per week (payment plan)
Career opportunities Digital Marketing Professional
Course topics 10 modules
Units Professional certification
Course trainers Industry experts and thought leaders.
Pathways University courses
Entry requirements No formal prerequisites | Some equipment needed
Assessments Certification exam
Start date Immediately, or whenever you’re ready.
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Payment Options There are two ways you can pay for your course...

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Key Benefits

International certification

Monarch Institute has partnered with the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) to deliver the world-class Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) course to New Zealand-based students for the first time. It’s not like the theory-heavy uni courses and non-certified workshops you’re used to. The CDMP is internationally recognised, and packed full of invaluable insight from a team of expert lecturers. It’s delivered in over 100 countries around the world and it’s the only certified one in New Zealand.

Free 12 month access to membership portal

When you enrol with Monarch Institute, remain up-to-date with the latest tools, trends, developments and current practices in digital marketing, with 6-month access to Digital Marketing Institute’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD) membership portal. Get access to an exclusive and evolving content library updated by industry leaders.

Graduate employment options

As a Monarch Institute student, you’ll have access to a great network of fellow students who are just as passionate about digital marketing as you. You’ll also be able to chat to your trainer, an experienced digital marketing consultant and expert educator, who’ll help you feel confident in your newfound knowledge and kick your career off right.

Reviewed and approved by industry giants

Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Microsoft are part of the industry council that review the CDMP course material. It’s just part of the commitment to making sure what you’re learning is up-to-the-minute. It’s designed to address real global skills shortages, so when you pass your exam, you’ll be an in-demand professional from the get-go.

Course Accreditation

The CDMP isn’t an accredited qualification under the New Zealand Qualifications framework. In terms of learning level, it’s roughly equivalent to a level 4 to 6 certificate. However, it’s important to stress that it’s a professional certification with a single global certification standard.

As a Certified Digital Marketing Professional, you’ll meet the international gold standard for digital marketers. It’s a great way to show that you’re serious about getting meaningful results for your clientele or employer.



Course Assessments

Once you’re enrolled with Monarch Institute, you’ll be able to register to sit the certification exam at a secure PearsonVUE exam centre near you or online.

The certification exam is multiple choice (120 questions), and the time limit is two hours. Your exam fee is included in the course fee however if you need to resist the exam, there is a fee to do so.

Career Opportunities

Key opportunities include:
A career that could take you anywhere

According to the stats, New Zealand’s digital professionals are more in demand than ever*. With the right skill set and network, you can pursue your career just about anywhere. Plus, with the platforms you’ll be learning and working on, you’ve got an opportunity to become a true digital nomad. Current CDMP graduates work in a variety of roles and organisations, from independent contractors to start-ups, non-profits, and multinational corporations.

Want to keep it local? There are hundreds of digital marketing jobs advertised on at any one time, including exciting entry-level positions with a variety of tasks to keep you switched on. Whether you’re upskilling or changing careers, the future is yours.


Earning potential

Medium quartile salaries by related job title*:

Digital Content/Content Admin $62,250
Digital Marketing $75,000
SEO Specialist $70,000
SEO Manager $100,000
UX/User Experience Designer $85,000

*IT Salaries NZ Digital Remuneration Report, March 2020



The CDMP is designed to leave you job ready. But if you’re keen to learn more about marketing in general, you could choose to go on to a higher level qualification.

Monarch Institute delivers qualifications, such as the Diploma of Social Media Marketing, that are nationally recognised in Australia under the Australian Qualifications Framework. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority recognises Australian qualifications as broadly equivalent to NZ qualifications*.

You can apply for formal recognition of an Australian qualification with the Qualifications Recognition Services (QRS). If you’re relying on this for official purposes, we suggest you inquire with QRS before continuing on your post-CDMP pathway.

Entry requirements

Course prerequisites

There are no formal entry requirements or study prerequisites for this course.

To complete this course successfully, you will need access to a working computer with an up-to-date browser, and reliable internet access.

Course Topics

1: Digital Marketing Foundations
2: Content Marketing
3: Social Media Marketing
4: SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
5: Paid Search (PPC) using Google Ads
6: YouTine & Display Advertising
7: Email Marketing
8: Website Optimisation
9: Analytics with Google Analytics
10: Digital Marketing Strategy

Course Duration

Is there a maximum course completion time?

You’re expected to complete the Certified Digital Marketing Professional course work and exam within six months. This allows you time to fit your studies around work, family life, and other commitments.

Please note that if you choose to complete the certification exam (highly recommended), you will be required to book in for an exam date within six months of starting.

Is there a minimum course completion time?

There’s no minimum course completion time. However, there are several hundred hours’ worth of resources and reading to work through. This includes over 30 hours of multimedia-rich video lectures from your expert lecturers and interactive quizzes. To make sure you’ve really absorbed the information and had plenty of time to revise with your trainer, we recommend you take at least two to three months.

The time you take to complete your CDMP will depend on your study background, your work experience, and how much time you’ve got. For example, if you’ve studied at a tertiary level before and have work experience in marketing, you may be able to work through the course material more efficiently.

How it works

More than online

You’ll get:

How does it work?

This course has been developed to give you absolute flexibility. Study on your couch, on public transport, on your break at work, out in the park – wherever and whenever you like. The best part is, with Monarch Institute, ‘online’ doesn’t mean ‘alone’. You’ll be backed by our trainers at every step along the way.

What support will I get?

Your trainer will be happy to contact you via phone, Zoom, TeamViewer, or email (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm). So you definitely won’t feel alone. You’ll also have access to our student Facebook groups, so you can discuss the material with other students. It’s a handy way to stay in touch with trainers and others in the same course.

Course Price

Upfront payment


The most cost-effective option. Pay upfront and save 20% compared to the total payment plan.

Payment must be made by card (MasterCard or Visa).

Payment plan

$138.23 per week, paid over 26 weeks (total $3,594)

This option is suitable for students wanting to manage their cash flow. It’s handy if you want to get started right away, but don’t have the full amount.

Payment must be made by card (MasterCard or Visa).


Meet your trainers

Industry experts and thought leaders.
Despina Karatzias
“Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information.”
- Albert Einstein

I’ve worked in various digital marketing and business development roles for regional airlines, hotels and cruise liners. I managed a hot air balloon business, Global Ballooning Australia which took me around the world as I helped launch the experience to the international market.  I penned what I learned in a self-published book, Adventures of a Balloon Girl.

In 2014 I followed my calling to teach and became a certified trainer and assessor launching my own training and mentoring practice. Since launching I have developed over 30 online and group training programs specialising in digital, social media marketing, and tourism.

What gets me out of bed in the morning?

Igniting excellence in people! I love spending time with my family and using all the digital tools available to help business and careers grow. What really gets me out of bed most mornings though is my 4.30am alarm. I love to start the day with a morning run or strength training to keep me fit and energised.

Learn more about Despina

Kellie Barrett
“Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to
bring others and show them how well you do what you do.”
- Walt Disney

I’ve had diverse roles from direct customer service, visitor information, public programs development and interpretive centres, advertising, promotion, graphic design, workshop facilitation, strategic planning and submission writing, product and destination management. This breadth of experience has helped me to gather knowledge of integrated campaign development and creative production across all touch points from concept right through to final result, including print, digital and multi-platform outputs.

I embrace imagination, innovation and creativity and to seek out ways to think outside the box.

What gets me out of bed in the morning?

Miss Mabel Pea, the puppy! I no longer need an alarm clock…

Learn more about Kellie

Petra Zink
All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
– Walt Disney

I’m a certified Personal Branding & Digital Strategist, international Speaker & Consultant and author of the book “Trusted Authority”. I specialise in helping professionals and companies become the Trusted Authorities in their industry.

I’m also the Founder of impaCCCt and The360Talent.Co – both companies are designed to future-proof individuals and organisations through coaching, training and keynotes that make long-lasting change.

I have a podcast called Your Brand. Your Future. I’m an official Forbes Coaches Council Member, and have been featured on, the CEO Magazine, and multiple podcasts.

What gets me out of bed in the morning?

My students of course!

Learn more about Petra

Any questions? Ask away!