Darryl Benn

About Darryl Benn

An experienced finance industry consultant working in both the residential and commercial finance sectors for more than 20 years.

Darryl has worked across various sectors of the industry including:

  • Commercial and residential mortgage broking
  • Principal of a mortgage origination business
  • Head of lending for a finance company
  • Responsible Person for an Australian Credit Licence (lending)
  • Responsible Person for an Australian Financial Services Licence (funds management)
  • Regulatory compliance and audit consultant

With more than 12 years’ experience in course development, face-to-face training, and assessment, Darryl provides students access to his many years in education and course development.

Academic Credentials

  • Diploma of Financial Services (Mortgage Broking Management)
  • Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)

Work Experience

  • Bridgefund Capital Pty Ltd
  • York Mortgages Pty Ltd
  • York Capital Ltd

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