There’s more to payroll servicing than you think

The numbers are mind-boggling. Currently, there are almost 13 million employees employed by almost 900,000 employers across Australia, 122 different Modern Awards, around 13,000 Enterprise Agreements and there are innumerable private employment contracts.

Paying your employees can be done by anyone, right? Wrong. Without a thorough understanding of the intricacies and compliance requirements then there’s a significant risk you have it wrong and that means you can incur hefty penalties.

Payroll is more complex than most people think. It requires the supervision of a qualified expert. Every day more and more employers find themselves struggling to understand the intricacies of their workforce employment and remuneration arrangements.

A qualification in the Diploma of Payroll Services (FNS50417) sets you apart and skills you with the essential knowledge to understand those payroll intricacies so you can work with employers to help get things right.

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