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Job options for accountants in 2022

The job market for accountants is expected to grow in 2022.

3 min read

How to become a payroll officer

Payroll Officer roles are on the up. Learn what the roles and responsibilities are for this role.

3 min read
Microscope over a keyboard

What is a forensic accountant and what do they do?

A forensic accountant is someone who is highly skilled in accounting, auditing and undertaking investigations.

3 min read

What does an accountant do?

Most accountants do a wide range of finance-related tasks. But what are these tasks?

5 min read

What is a bookkeeper?

Bookkeepers can wear many hats, depending on who they work for or what clients they service.

3 min read

How to become an accountant

To become an accountant there are certain skills you will need to have to be successful in your role.

3 min read
Bookkeeping business owner

How to become a certified bookkeeper

What exactly is involved in becoming a bookkeeper? check out the process and how it can provide some great opportunities for you.

6 min read

What is a Chartered Accountant?

You've heard the phrase before but what is a chartered accountant and what do they do?

3 min read
Calculator on a desk

How to become a BAS agent

Considering a career as a Bas Agent? Find out what you need to do to become one.

3 min read

The Future Of Online Learning

Why are so many people choosing to study online?

1 min read

Get your lifestyle study-ready

If you’re serious about getting ready to tackle an online course, getting your life study-ready may be easier that you think.

2 min read

Starting out? Plan early to manage your time

Here's how to manage your time if you're considering studying online.

1 min read

Experience focused digital – why we’re behaving like a toddler.

"Online learning only works successfully if it has strong digital ecosystems to support it"

2 min read

How to do a successful interview – online.

You’ve probably read all about how to nail your job interview. But what about an online interview?

2 min read

It’s all about the tribe

"Amongst the uncertainly, surprises and laughs, look after your tribe and we’ll be a step closer to being ok"

2 min read

How to deal with distractions

It’s easy to lack motivation when there’s no buzz from your office colleagues nearby.

3 min read
Working from home

How to set up your work or study space

Having a decent working space can do wonders for productivity and motivation.

3 min read

There’s more to payroll servicing than you think

The course has been developed to give you absolute flexibility.

1 min read
Payroll services courses can help you secure employment

You’ve finished your bookkeeping course, so what now?

Formalise your expertise in payroll services with this new qualification.

1 min read

A new language of bookkeeping – Melody’s student success story

Real student stories.

2 min read
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