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How to become a digital marketer

There's a lot to love about entering the world of digital marketing. Time you got in on the secret...

How is digital changing marketing?

Digital transformation has revolutionised the world of marketing as we know it.

10 of Australia’s biggest social media influencers

When it comes to influences, we all think 'it can't be that hard' right? Meet the top 10 in Oz and what they spend their days promoting.

17 must-have social media tools every content creator needs

As all social media marketers know, there's more to managing social media than just creating a blog and hitting 'post'. Check out our top list of tools to help make your life easier.

Where are the Social Media Manager jobs?

Ok, so you want to become a Social Media Manager? Let's find you a job...

Why digital marketing is critical for small business success (plus, 7+ free tools for beginners)

What's the big deal with digi marketing? find out what you can do today to catch up to this fast-moving industry.

What is digital marketing?: the ins and outs of online marketing jobs, plus 5 reasons you should become a professional digital marketer

What are the emerging digital marketing specialist jobs out there.? We explore these and some easy steps you can take to become a digital marketer, no matter what background you’re starting with.

Get your lifestyle study-ready

If you’re serious about getting ready to tackle an online course, getting your life study-ready may be easier that you think.
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What does a digital marketer do?

Regardless of your business type, there’s space for a digital manager of some capacity.

Your trainer is here to help you. Make the most of them.

Our trainers are here to help you. They're your biggest supporter while you're studying with us.
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Getting support whilst studying

Make sure your family knows why you’re studying and why it’s important to you.
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It's all about the tribe

"Amongst the uncertainly, surprises and laughs, look after your tribe and we’ll be a step closer to being ok"
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Social media hacks for your small business

If you’re running a small business at the moment you’ll be feeling the pressure.

Considering a career move into digital marketing?

Whether you’re upskilling, certifying your knowledge or changing careers, the future’s digital.

What should the perfect digital marketing resume include?

You gotta get their attention quick smart. Here's how.

You won’t regret working in the digital marketing industry

Marketers play a key role in nearly every industry. I love that I take my skills anywhere.

Study online in 2020

This decade may nearly be finished, but you’ve still got time to kick start your next big goal.

What can a social media marketer earn?

There are heaps of exciting roles you can shoot for involving social media management.

5 mins with Despina Karatzias, Digital & Social Media Marketing Trainer

This pocket rocket will have you flying through your course.

How to land your first job in social media management

"I didn't get paid for 2.5 years and I loved it"

Being Joyful - a student success story

“I started my YouTube channel ‘Joyish’ at the age of 14 and have continued it throughout the years". How Joy finds time to study and continue doing what she loves most.

A whole campus online

Where do you ‘go’ when you study online? This is what it looks like.
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Changing careers; it's tough but worth it. Kreete's story

“I went from not wanting to go to work when I woke up every morning, to doing something I love every day"

Turning your passion into a career - Amy's story

"I don’t know if I would have been able to achieve this without the study I did with Monarch"

Empowering your existing employees

In the face of critical skills shortages, what should businesses do when they need staff?

Social Media Marketing Tips

The benefits are endless with a well-executed social media strategy.

Free online writing apps that you need to be using

These free web-based study and writing tools will help make your student lifestyle that little bit sweeter.
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Your Social Media Career in 2020

There are a lot of short courses in social media marketing, but this is the only formal qualification recognised by the Australian Government.

How to choose the right course for you

Which course will lead you to the career of your dreams?
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How to convince your boss to pay for your skills training

One of the most incentivising ways in which you can convince your boss to invest in skills training is by presenting it as a powerful retention tool.
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5 digital marketing actions to help your small business thrive

When someone asks about your social marketing strategy... and you want to hide under the couch.

What does a social media manager actually do?

It’s no longer acceptable for small businesses to forego activity on social media. So what is a Social Media Manager?

What is IGTV and do I need it?

IGTV is here to stay, so how can you use it to reach your customers?

Managing the balance - Tianni's story

Find out how Monarch Institute graduate Tianni, balanced her career and personal life with ease while upskilling and completing her marketing qualification.

Why Monarch Institute?

Our Graduates are now working in leading companies like KPMG, Accenture, AMP, Toll, Linfox, Oracle, and IBM.
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Why do I need a qualification in Social Media Marketing?

You can be part of the social media revolution. Get in on the ground level of this fast-growing industry.

5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Influence

How do you grow your Instagram influence and personal brand?

Keeping it real: study tips that you should know

Students are often a long way away from their teachers, but that doesn’t mean they are alone. Here's our study tips you really should know...
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Taking on the global bottled water industry

Businesses that can put altruism and authenticity at the core of what they do, build a community of loyal followers.
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Digital Storytelling to Inspire Action in Your Business

If you are wondering what digital storytelling is, here’s a quick explanation.

Studying online - the new normal

Things are moving quickly in the education space, and Monarch not surprisingly has chosen to be a forerunner.
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