A day in the life of a digital marketer.

Meet Sarah. She runs her own small digital marketing consultancy, and works on a range of client projects, mainly in events and tourism. Sarah has three team members but her role is about overseeing content partnerships and paid marketing efforts.


Sarah starts by checking out the analytics data that has come in the day before from Google Analytics, for her clients’ accounts. This helps her know if there’s been any big purchase trends or errors that may affect the website that day.


Sarah works through her emails, which includes everything from newsletters with the latest digital trends (a must read), SEO reports on upcoming content to contributor requests and more. She sends out a monthly report on key performance metrics to her team.


Sarah checks in on a Facebook ad campaign that she’s managing for a client. She works through the results overnight and tweaks the ad to ensure the best one is performing.


Sarah has lunch with her team and swaps client stories, shares insights, and compares notes.


Sarah and the team check-in on an A/B split test, where they compared two different versions of the website to evaluate which users found more engaging. Sarah meets with the client and discusses how they can improve the website to reflect their findings.


Sarah checks her email to find another deluge of messages, including requests for performance data, status updates on ad campaigns in progress, and more.


Sarah interviews a candidate who applied for a Google Adwords specialist role in her growth team. She’s always looking for new talent and this area is in demand by her clients.


Sarah chats on the phone with a new client who wants Sarah’s team to manage their organic and paid social platforms. She asks about their objectives and what sort of results they expect from their social presence. Sarah will send a quote for these services to the client in the next few days.


Sarah wraps up the day by making some website updates to some of her client’s copy. She also jumps on LinkedIn briefly to catch up on any industry news.

If you’re considering diving into the land of digital, you won’t regret it. There is a wide range of digital marketing jobs out there meaning there are a huge variety of career options. 

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