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How to become a digital marketer

Digital marketer

Businesses now focus a huge amount of their attention online. And for good reason, as Google handles more than 8.5 billion daily searches. But as almost every company – no matter the industry – competes for attention, standing out from the competition isn’t getting any easier. Learning how to become a digital marketer means you can help businesses big and small promote themselves more effectively across the full spectrum of online channels.

Throughout this fast-paced and dynamic career path, you’ll exercise your creative muscles in fascinating ways while showcasing a deep understanding of customer habits. Supported by cutting-edge digital analytics, refined communication skills and a sharp understanding of consumer trends, as a top-notch digital marketer, you’ll be ready to help businesses achieve their online goals.

What does a digital marketer do?

For those looking for an exciting and ever-changing role, earning your digital marketing qualifications is the right move. But how will you spend each day? From collaborating with colleagues and clients to content creation and campaign analysis, you’ll find that no two days are the same when increasing a brand’s online performance. However, the area you focus on most will depend on which aspect of digital marketing you specialise in.

For example, most of your time will be dedicated to crafting high-quality blogs, email newsletters and long-form articles if your role is dedicated to content writing. Alternatively, if you become an SEO specialist, you’ll use your knowledge of search engine optimisation to enhance how digital channels perform for a business. Alongside numerous other niche roles, the digital marketing industry is hugely diverse.

What are the major roles in digital marketing?

While there are numerous distinct roles in digital marketing to consider, most digital marketers develop skills across multiple areas. With each of the following roles helping a business grow its online reach from various perspectives, no matter which area you choose, you’ll play a vital role in a company’s success.

SEO specialist: With most consumers discovering businesses relevant to their needs via search engines like Google, SEO specialists have become fundamental to digital marketing. By using numerous search engine optimisation techniques to increase the visibility of a business with its core target audience, it’s possible to boost conversions.

Content marketing: Businesses use content marketing to appeal to their customers. Through blogs, e-newsletters, videos and more, these help consumers get to know why a specific brand’s products and services are the right fit for their needs. As a content marketer, you’ll craft top-quality content that drives engagement and resonates with a precise target market.

Digital marketing specialist: While many digital marketers niche down into a specific role, digital marketing specialists apply numerous technical and creative skills to several different areas. Typically responsible for developing and implementing online marketing strategies, you’ll identify which channels and content types are best for engaging a specific audience.

PPC specialist: Businesses use paid advertising platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads to market to their customers. Pay-per-click (PPC) specialists create and manage these campaigns, ensuring each one is tailored to reach the perfect audience. This helps businesses achieve the best return on their investment.

Social media management: Alongside search engine queries, social media platforms have become the primary way customers interact with businesses online. If you head into social media management, you’ll be responsible for creating and executing strategies that help a business engage its customers while growing its following.

What is a digital marketer’s daily responsibilities?

While the exact nature of your daily responsibilities will depend on your specific role within the industry, several tasks are common across most digital marketing jobs. These can include the following:

Client management: Depending on the size of your employer, you might be expected to interact with clients regularly. This means meeting to discuss progress on existing campaigns or identifying new strategies that achieve specific marketing goals.

Strategy reviews: Effective digital marketing campaigns usually involve numerous moving parts. You’ll need to meet frequently with your colleagues to collaboratively review and adjust campaigns to ensure the best outcomes for the business.

Task delegation: Many businesses and digital marketing agencies work with freelancers to level up their capacity and expertise. You might be expected to identify suitable freelancers, create detailed briefs and provide feedback on their work.

What skills are needed to succeed as a digital marketer?

To succeed in an ever-evolving space like digital marketing, mastering a series of hard and soft skills puts you in a great position. As you might expect, you’ll need refined technical skills to use content and analytics tools effectively. However, knowing how to communicate efficiently and work as a team player will also improve your performance.

Technical skills: Whether you’re working in content creation or on the analytical side of digital marketing, knowing how to use industry-related software is crucial. This way, you can deliver high-performance content with speed and precision.

Communication: With digital marketing campaigns often involving numerous stakeholders, productive communication is crucial to success. Having high-quality communication skills will make you a valuable resource.

Time management: Digital marketers work in fast-paced environments, often with competing priorities. If you can manage numerous projects simultaneously without sacrificing quality, you’re bound to stand out in the job market.

How to get qualified as a digital marketer

Ready to become a digital marketer? Getting your qualifications is the first step to building a great career. Then, you can expand your skillset to find the perfect role for your education and ambitions.

Enrol in a digital marketing course

If you’re studying for the first time, making a mid-career switch or looking to level up your skills, enrolling in a digital marketing course is the perfect move for your future. Shorter but no less detailed than a diploma course, the digital marketing courses at Monarch Institute provide a comprehensive education based on the latest industry trends.

Best of all, these courses cater to a wide range of students, from those interested in a foundational education to more specialised training. For example, we offer numerous digital marketing courses designed to be completed within 3-24 months. Alternatively, expanding your skills is easy with our detailed online short courses.

Undertake an internship

Internships or work experience are the perfect way to enhance your learning as you look to enter the digital marketing industry with a leg up on the competition. By finding a business relevant to your interests who are willing to show you the ropes, you’ll get vital hands-on experience at the beginning of your career.

Once you’ve secured an internship, you’ll apply your learnings and soak up your colleagues’ extensive digital marketing knowledge. Plus, when you’re ready to look for an entry-level position, you’ll already have industry connections and on-paper experience that proves you’re a great fit for the role.

Take charge of your professional development

The digital marketing industry is constantly changing, so finding ways to keep up is essential to your growth. Whether you’re studying to earn your qualifications or have worked in the industry for years, focusing on your career development is fundamental to leveling up your career.

Although it’s possible to stay in the know by reading industry publications and subscribing to newsletters, you can also enrol in a short course to fill a gap in your skill set. Monarch Institute also offers advanced diplomas, so existing professionals can complement their talents with the most up-to-date knowledge.

Grow your network

While experts across every industry benefit from a robust professional network, establishing solid relationships is particularly useful in digital marketing. Why? When you’re in regular contact with people across the industry, you’ll find it easier to keep up with the latest digital marketing developments.

To grow your network, the best place to start is online. By getting familiar with networking on platforms like LinkedIn, X and Instagram, you can participate in fascinating conversations and explore exciting job opportunities. Plus, you can forge strong connections at traditional events like marketing seminars and career fairs.

The best reasons to become a digital marketer

There’s no shortage of reasons to become a digital marketer, with its fast-paced and creative environment making it an attractive industry for countless workers. Below are just some of the best reasons to start your journey.

Your creativity is valued: Creativity is central to digital marketing. From strategic planning to content creation and data analysis, you’ll get to explore and embrace imaginative ideas to achieve the best outcomes.

You can work from anywhere: As long as you have access to a computer and the internet, you can work anywhere as a digital marketer. Plus, businesses all over the globe need digital marketing to reach and engage their customers.

The industry is always evolving: It’s an exciting time to work in digital marketing as innovations like artificial intelligence bring about incredible changes. Businesses looking to get ahead of the curve will need your skills to succeed.

You’re always learning: Considering how fast online trends change and new technologies emerge, digital marketers must always focus on mastering new skills. If you love to work on the cutting edge, getting qualified is a wise decision.

What is the average digital marketing salary?

Not only is the digital marketing industry great for working in a creative and innovative space, but you can also earn a great living doing so. According to Indeed, the average annual base salary for digital marketers in Australia is $84,328.

Your salary will gradually increase as you move into more senior roles such as digital marketing specialist and digital marketing manager. After a few years, you might find yourself as a digital director for an agency or in-house marketing department.

Digital marketing courses at Monarch Institute

Monarch Institute offers digital marketing courses designed for everyone from beginners to experienced professionals.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive program or a short course to get up to speed on a specific skill, know that you’ll get a world-class digital marketing education.


Delve into an in-depth digital marketing education, with our courses providing all the foundational knowledge you need to know in under two years. Led by industry experts and thought leaders through easy-to-follow online lessons, the best in the business will level up your skills and prepare you for the workforce.

Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication
Diploma of Marketing and Communication
Diploma of Digital Marketing
Diploma of Social Media Marketing
Advanced Diploma of Digital Marketing


We’ve partnered with the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) to offer the Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP). Valued by agencies around the globe, international lecturers and subject matter experts guide this six-month course. With industry giants like Google, Microsoft and Facebook regularly reviewing the syllabus, you’re getting a forward-thinking certification.

Short courses

You can also enrol in a variety of digital marketing short courses at Monarch Institute. Dedicated to several of the most critical skills used every day by industry professionals, these intensive courses are completed in just a few hours. Perfect for enhancing your skills outside the office, you’ll operate at an even higher level after achieving your certification.

AI in Digital Marketing
Content Marketing
Data and Web Analytics
Email Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Social Media Marketing

Explore the full list of our digital marketing short courses to see all your options.

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