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Why do I need a qualification in Social Media Marketing?

Social media isn’t just something to do with our downtime

It’s shifting and disrupting several industries, from news media to marketing. With over a third of the world’s population now actively using social media, social media marketing has the potential to lower marketing costs, build brand awareness organically, and develop a positive and loyal community of fans.

You can be part of the social media revolution. Get in on the ground level of this fast-growing industry. Social media managers are in high demand and the uptake of social media amongst businesses isn’t slowing down. More businesses are establishing a social media presence for the first time. Many more are growing their social budgets, posting more often, and producing higher quality content.

With a formal qualification, you can demonstrate your dedication and depth of knowledge to potential employers. If you’re not already in the industry, you could be taking on professional social media responsibilities within months. If you’re already a marketing professional, the Diploma is a great way to level up your abilities (and pay grade!).

Getting a fancy certificate in social media marketing can give you a leg up, but it’s not a must-have for everyone. Here’s why having one in your back pocket can be a pretty sweet deal:

Professional Credibility: A qualification demonstrates your commitment and expertise in the field. It can help establish your credibility as a social media marketer, making it easier to gain the trust of potential clients, employers, or business partners.

Skill Enhancement: Social media marketing is a constantly evolving field. Formal training can help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends, tools, and strategies, ensuring that your skills are current and competitive.

Understanding of Best Practices: Qualifications often cover industry best practices and ethical guidelines, which can help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls in social media marketing. This can ultimately save you time and money.

Job Opportunities: If you’re seeking a career in social media marketing, some employers may prefer or require candidates to have relevant qualifications. Having a certification can make you a more attractive candidate in a competitive job market.

Entrepreneurial Ventures: If you plan to start your own social media marketing agency or consultancy, a qualification can lend credibility to your business and attract clients who want to work with knowledgeable professionals.

Specialisation: Some certifications allow you to specialize in specific areas of social media marketing, such as content marketing, paid advertising, or analytics. This can help you stand out in your niche.

Continuous Learning: Earning a qualification often involves ongoing learning and the need to stay informed about industry changes. This commitment to ongoing education can be valuable in a field that is always evolving.

But social media management isn’t something you can just pick up.
It’s incredibly data-driven, creative, and disciplined. You can get in on the ground level of this growth by formalising your social smarts with a Diploma-level qualification from Monarch Institute.

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