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All Articles / Accounting and Bookkeeping

A whole campus online

Everyone knows that when you study on campus, you go to classrooms and lecture theatres. But where do you ‘go’ when you study online?

Introducing your learning and management system (LMS).

The Monarch Institute LMS is super simple to use. It’ll make your online study experience simpler than you could’ve imagined. On the LMS you’ll find everything from videos, presentations, learning materials and quizzes, to two-click assignment submission buttons. Your trainer’s details are also pinned to the top left corner, so it’s always easy to get in touch.

If you’re still a bit iffy about studying an entire course online, don’t stress. We’ve set up the system so that you have everything you need at your fingertips, including support when you need it. Once you’ve got your head into the course, you may find you need more clarification on some topics, or you may just want to be surrounded by others who are also studying the course. This is when you can reach out to your trainer, or join the course Facebook group. Join hundreds of other students in the same boat as you – share your worries or provide support for others who may be finding their way just like you.

Your assessments are also on the LMS. You’ll complete your quiz, or short answer assessment (depending on your course) and then submit it via the LMS. Your trainer will email you once your assessment has been graded, and you’ll be able to see your result on the LMS.

Interested in learning more about studying online? Find out more here, or call us on 1300 738 955 to chat about your next career move.

Any questions? Ask away!