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Time to get a new job

8 Signs it’s time to quit your job

If you're unhappy at work, here are the signs that you might need a new career.

5 min read
Dog working from home

10 of the best work from home jobs in Australia

Looking for a fresh start that allows flexibility? take a look at this list of legit jobs you can do from home.

5 min read

How to study online

How to make the most of studying online.

4 min read

Career Change: How to do it and the best job ideas

There are so many reasons people are choosing to pursue career changes, but at the top of the list is money, opportunities, passion and a mental health.

4 min read
Chatting with colleagues at work

5 Career Ideas for 2022

What are the in-demand skills in Australia for 2022?

3 min read
Phone screen with social media icons

How to create a great LinkedIn profile

Whether you're looking for a new job, catching up on industry news or just keeping track of milestones, everyone needs a good LinkedIn profile.

5 min read

Most enjoyable jobs in Australia

We have put together a list of some of the most enjoyable jobs in all of Australia

8 min read

How to make a career change at 40

Being settled in a new career that you enjoy will feel like a huge weight off your shoulders and will help to improve these other aspects of your life dramatically.

5 min read
Sitting talking to a colleague

How to ask for a pay rise

Do your research so you know the numbers behind why your employer should give you the pay rise you’re asking for.

5 min read
Sitting idle while money flows

The top 15 highest paying careers in Australia

Staying on top of job trends is important for people at all stages of their professional lives.

6 min read
Diploma or degree

The difference between certificates, diplomas and degrees

When it comes to formal qualifications, there are tons of different options available in Australia.

6 min read

The best 10 highest paying jobs in Australia without a degree

Hint: it’s got nothing to do with economic boom and bust....

8 min read

Our fave free online tools

Making the most of working from home? Use these free online tools to help.

2 min read
Man studying online at home

Top 20 free online courses you can start today

Investing in continuous learning has become more important than ever.

10 min read
Women in an interview

Great interview questions to ask an employer

You’ve landed an interview and it's time to shine. How do you stand out from other candidates?

3 min read

Flexibility is critical – but are bosses ready to step up?

For many of us, the global pandemic has seen us rethink what we want and expect from our careers.

3 min read
Feeling burntout

How to avoid burnout

It's real and you should be aware of the signs

4 min read
Tips for writing a cover letter

How to write a cover letter

When was the last time you really looked at your cover letter? Check out these tips.

10 min read
How to write a resume

How to write a resume that stands out

Create a resume that gives you the best chance at getting an interview.

10 min read
Woman frustrated at work

How to write a resignation letter

Writing a proper letter of resignation is particularly tricky. Here's some templates you can put to use straight away.

10 min read
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