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What is the best career for 2023?

Our career advancement predictions for 2023

Have you fallen out of love with your current industry and are looking for a career change? Perhaps you are wanting to study something new or have just finished high school but can’t decide what career to choose?

With the landscape of the professional world rapidly changing, it can be hard to pinpoint where to next. The constant technological, environmental and economic changes can make it seem as though it’s becoming more and more difficult to find a job. When in reality it’s quite the opposite.

New job opportunities are popping up everywhere in Australia and with this comes increased employment opportunities. Knowing what careers are predicted to be in demand for 2023 will help make that decision easier for you.

This article explores 10 in demand jobs in 2023. These careers are relevant to the Australian employment market and are in no particular order.

Data Scientist

If you have a brain for numbers and enjoy analysing data to find conclusions, a career as a data scientist could be just for you. Data is a hot commodity in the world right now and people who are educated in data science are now extremely sought after.

Working as a data scientist, you will be rewarded with a healthy pay package and will have an in-demand career that is future-proof.

Human Resources

Human resources have been an important part of businesses for decades now. Since Covid-19 hit the planet, this field has seen a major transformation and significant growth.

The introduction of working from home at scale and people now more than ever operating as contractors has changed the working landscape for human resources practitioners.

Although the job descriptions for HR professionals have seen a major change, the demand for people in this field has only grown.

Being an in-demand career, you will find plenty of job opportunities and have the benefit of job security.


Marketing is one of the most in demand careers in Australia and it will continue to be in high demand well into the future. Studying a career in marketing will equip you with transferable skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking and analysis.

With nearly every business in competition with another, effective marketing is what helps set businesses ahead of others. Marketing professionals will always be sought after to help businesses reach their full potential.

As a marketing executive, you can choose whether you want to work in an agency or work in-house for a company. Perhaps one day you may even decide to start your own business.


You may have heard that Australia is facing a major teacher shortage across the country. This teacher shortage is also felt in early childhood, primary school and high school teaching.

If teaching is something you have considered doing or wish to do, there is ample opportunity for you to secure a job once you have your qualifications.

There are many benefits of studying to become a teacher. The first one being reduced tuition fees. Because Australia needs more teachers, the government has reduced tuition fees by around 42%.

Being a teacher is also a great career choice for parents as you will always have weekends and school holidays to spend with your children.

If you’re looking for a fulfilling job, with great holidays and security, teaching may be the perfect fit for you.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Do you want an in-demand career, with various working environments and high earning potential? Are you someone who enjoys working with numbers and has an interest in the world of finance?

If you said yes to the above, pursuing a career in accounting or bookkeeping is a solid option. Accounting and bookkeeping are essential to almost every business in Australia. Both accountants and bookkeepers are extremely sought-after professionals and once qualified have career flexibility.

You can decide whether you want to work for a big corporation, or a boutique firm, go out on your own or even start your own firm. Either way, if you work hard, you will reap the rewards because there’s no shortage of work for accountants and bookkeepers in Australia.

Transport & Logistics

If you want to pursue a high-demand career with job security and stability, transport and logistics is a great option. There are now more jobs in transport and logistics than ever before. It’s also been predicted that the industry will continue to grow.

A career in transport and logistics will give you plenty of workplace variety as there are thousands of businesses that depend on logistics and transportation. Whenever you buy something, it will almost always have to have been transported.

Enjoy working with real responsibility and the opportunity to work in an industry you will love.


When it comes to in-demand careers for 2023, nursing is right up there with healthcare said to be the fastest growing industry in Australia. It has been predicted to have the largest employment increase over the next few years.

Just like teaching, the government has reduced the tuition fees for students wishing to complete a degree in nursing by around 42% making it much more affordable for new students.

Most people know nurses hold supporting roles to doctors by recording patients’ medical histories and symptoms. They also perform tests, analyse results, and give medications.

What most people oversee is the amazing emotional support nurses give to their patients and the patient’s families. If you have a passion for taking care of people and want to make a difference in the lives of others, nursing could be an amazing career for you.

Finance & Mortgage Broking

Are you a sociable person with a desire to sell? Do you enjoy learning about finance and property? Mortgage broking is an in-demand career for 2023.

With Australians working hard to get on the property ladder and others building upon their investment portfolios, mortgage brokers are becoming increasingly sought-after professionals.

Working as a mortgage broker can be incredibly rewarding as you will be helping Australians reach their dream of purchasing their own home. You will also have job flexibility as you can choose to work for a brokerage or work for yourself.

In your role as a mortgage broker, you will be working with a variety of clients and lenders and situations. Because mortgage brokering is a commission-based career you will also have the opportunity to earn a very healthy income.

Financial Planning

The economic landscape of the world is changing, and the way people and businesses organise, invest and manage their finances is becoming much more complex.

Financial planners, with the support of paraplanners, help individuals or businesses to better manage their finances to help them achieve their financial goals. People are increasingly looking to financial planners to help organise their debts, funds and assets and plan out their future.

With more and more people and businesses turning to financial planners, the demand for professionals with a career in financial planning is only growing.

Project Management

If you’re looking for a leadership role and enjoy responsibility, project management could be the career for you. Across most industries in Australia, project managers are in high demand.

Businesses across Australia are popping up and growing at a significant rate. With this comes an increased number of projects that require project managers to oversee. It’s the role of the project manager to plan and lead their team through change to ensure the project runs as smoothly as possible.

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