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The Strangest Jobs in Australia

Australians work in some of the strangest jobs. And a lot of these are to do with animals. Which makes sense, as our fauna are some of the most interesting (and scary) in the world.

But some of us get away with enjoying our jobs more than others – and this is what we’re on about today.

Come with us as we look at some of the jobs you may not knew existed in Australia.

1. Pet Food Taster

Yes, you read that right. Pet food is one of those sectors where it pays to be a little weird because everyone else applying for a job there will be just as strange as you are.

You will get paid to taste test pet food as a pet food taster. Better than being paid to eat cookies all day long?

Maybe not, but hey- if you’re into dogs or cats or fish or any other kind of animal, why not give it a shot? If nothing else, your resume will stand out from all those cookie-eating applicants!

Um, no thanks

2. Odour Judge

Everything smells, even when we can’t smell it ourselves. The role of an odour judge is to determine whether or not something smells nice or stinks by sniffing a sample until they get a feel for how good/bad it is.

A great deal of practice goes into honing one’s smell-o-meter skills; judges must learn to ignore their own biases and concentrate on picking up subtle nuances in a scent.

They also need to tell if something is ‘too strong’ or ‘not strong enough,’ which can be a real challenge when considering that different people have different thresholds for what they consider offensive.

The best odour judges often can sniff out subtle differences between similar scents and those who appreciate the artistry.

3. Roadkill Collector

Ever wonder what happens to the dead possum by the side of the road? Roadkill collectors are often found in the more remote areas of our country and they sometimes work for councils or as Park Rangers too. If you can handle picking up roadkill, sorting it out, and disposing of it properly, this job is for you.

Sometimes police officers are assigned to remove deceased animals from roadways, but they don’t have time to pick through each carcass to get back parts that aren’t damaged.

4. Koala Catcher

Koala’s face threats, in particluar from disease and habibtat loss. Koala Catchers check the health of the koala, take some genetic material for analysis, or put a tracking collar on them before they are released again. Researchers can use this information to understand more about koalas, including their home range size, preference for different trees they use for food or shelter, and their disease status.

If you have a passion for wildlife and enjoy working outdoors, consider becoming a professional koala catcher.


5. Worm Picker

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Worm pickers are specially trained to work in worm farms removing red wiggler worms from boxes.

You’d be surprised at how much worm pickers can earn for such seemingly straight forward work. And the demand is great, there’s loads of farm stays with options to stay on site and save on living costs. If you love a sweet little slimy worm, get yourself down to your local farm and make some money.

6. Shark Tagger

As a shark Tagger, you’ll swim alongside sharks as part of environmental preservation and research programs. Sharks need to be tagged so we can keep track of their migratory patterns, breeding, eating habits, and migration routes.

Because sharks are apex predators, it’s essential that we study them to understand marine ecosystems better and monitor shark populations around Australia.
It’s an important (and sometimes dangerous) job that requires bravery and patience. The position is great for anyone who loves swimming and these majestic sea creatures..

7. Dog Whisperer

To put it simply, a dog whisperer is someone who trains dogs to respond to simple commands. It covers a wide range of topics, such as good manners, recall training, and behaviour modification.

A dog whisperer helps dog owners who are having issues with their dogs’ behaviour in various ways.

It’s a somewhat quirky job title that many people who have owned dogs before might say makes perfect sense. If you have experience training animals (or if you just like dogs), you might want to work as a dog whisperer. A great side business idea if you’re an animal lover and in high demand post COVID, when many Australians adopted dogs.

8. Beer Taster

If you’re a beer lover, think about becoming a beer taster. It’s just like wine tasting, but for beer! You get to sample different brews, some of which aren’t even on sale yet—umm where do we sign up?

The job doesn’t necessarily involve getting drunk, you need to keep your head clear and sample and analyse many beers. Often breweries provide free samples and a salary in exchange for your service.

9. Bed Tester

We all know that one of life’s great luxuries is sleeping, so who better judge other people’s beds than someone employed to sleep on them for a living?

The job of a bed tester is simple. You get paid to lie down on various mattresses, assess them, and write a report detailing how comfortable they are.

This job is fun but isn’t an easy gig.

The hours can be long, you have to stay out of sight while testing each mattress (so as not to give away its secrets), and you have to make sure you don’t fall asleep during your shifts. But if you like lying around all day, it could be just your new career move.

10. Professional Cuddler

For Aussies who want to get close but aren’t romantically inclined, professional cuddling is a service that provides non-sexual contact with a friendly stranger.

Some cuddlers will also play other roles for their clients, like security, or provide extras like massages, advice, or role-playing.

Ever wanted to be a professional cuddler? It’s becoming more and more popular as we understand the mental health benefits.

Various organisations employ professional cuddlers from hospitals to residential care facilities. A lingering hug releases the bonding hormone oxytocin, which can lower your blood pressure, slow your heart rate and improve your mood. Winner winner!

Lean in, it’s for mental health

Is It Time To Change Careers?

If you’re up for a change and one of the above jobs catches your eye, you’re in luck.

There are more jobs on offer than ever before in Australia. COVID-19 is responsible for the largest impact on the Australian labour market and workplaces employment across the country.

Short story, now is not a bad time to branch out and look for something different (or strange. Odour Judge?).

Better Career Choices

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