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Where are the Social Media Manager jobs?

The uptake of social media amongst businesses isn’t slowing down. More businesses are establishing a social media presence for the first time. Many more are growing their social budgets, posting more often, and producing higher quality content. So how do you find a job? Here’s our top picks:


LinkedIn is where they are at! Create your profile, join all of the industry-specific groups related to social media marketing and digital media, and scroll through the jobs. Set up notifications so that you receive alerts when new ones come up.


Always a reliable source for testing the grounds to see what’s happening in job land. While there are less entry roles within social media on, still include it on your weekly scan, as they do exist, you need to be patient and persistent!

Private Facebook groups

There is so much value in joining a private Facebook group, especially ones that relate to in the social media and digital marketing world. Not only are they interesting and provide you with free inspo every day, but they are a breeding ground for job sharing.
When you join a group that’s made up of people who match your target customer, you’ll have multiple opportunities to improve awareness of yourself and your business by being helpful.
If you head to your personal Facebook account, go to the search box at the top, type in ‘social media’, then flick over to ‘groups’, you will find 50+ social media groups. There’s even one titled ‘Australian Social Media Jobs’.

Startup Networking Events

As the name suggests, these events are designed to help connect the business community and provide practical business education geared at enhancing the quality of local entrepreneurship. You’d be surprised at how many people haven’t considered social media in their business plan, and they’re often keen to work with you or discuss ideas. It’s all about who you know.

Word of mouth

The old faithful WOM. When you’re speaking to your marketing colleagues or friends with small businesses, let them know you’re on the hunt for your first gig. It’s amazing how many people will contact you or ask you for advice once they know that you’re in the social media know. But be careful! Set the ground rules early and offer to do a week or two free and then check back in and see how you went. If you do well, people will start recommending you, and more opportunities will come your way.

Pitch to your favourite companies or organisations!

Our favourite. We’ve all been there. You love a product, you love their style but their social media is a bit of a mess. Eeks. What do you do? If you’re considering stepping into a consultant role, give them a call, send an email or just walk on in the door and ask them if they need any help with their strategy. At the very least you’ll be top of mind when they’re ready to hire someone in that role. If you’re in an organisation, same goes, although the process is generally more structured and you’ll most likely need to go through an employment process. Get out there and give it a go!

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