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Considering a career move into digital marketing?

Now’s the time to upskill online.

Companies are turning to digital marketing more than ever. Where marketers were putting money into outdoor advertising and newspapers, those budgets are now being redirected to digital. With so many more people online and for longer, the chances of seeing ads on social media or interacting with content marketing blogs are greater. This means they are going to become more reliant than ever on their digital strategy. Which may mean more job opportunities on the horizon.

Open up your career path
Skilled digital marketers are in demand all over the world. So if you’ve been dreaming of living and working overseas, becoming a marketing professional could quite literally take you where you want
to go. There are also plenty of opportunities right here in Australia. For example, according to government projections, the advertising services industry is set to grow by over 13% by 2022.

Interested in lots of different disciplines? Want real variety in your career? You’ve come to the right industry. From SEO and PPC to social media and analytics, working in digital marketing really lets you flex every part of your mind. And once you’ve got a foot in the door, you’ll be able to take your skills to a variety of different roles.

Now’s the time to study online
If you’re considering upskilling in digital marketing, online learning may be for you. The best thing about studying online is that you can make it work for you. You have absolute flexibility – study when, where and how you want. Take a quiz on your lunch break or sit in the backyard under a tree.

You’re not alone
Our trainers are always ‘on’ so you can start whenever you like (yep, no start dates) and work at a pace that suits your learning style. Monarch students love that they can still get help with coursework, even though they aren’t in a classroom. If you’re finding a concept hard to grasp you can reach out to your trainer via phone or email and work through the material. We hire only the best trainers, all who are working in professional roles in their industry, so they have their finger on the pulse.

Online courses
Monarch’s Certified Digital Marketing Professional course (CDMP) is a global certification, operated from a simple, intuitive online learning platform. The entire course is online, from videos, PDF’s interactive activities and quizzes. You’ll put together ads for Facebook, create LinkedIn profiles and learn how to use analytics. CDMP will help you master the fundamentals of digital marketing, so even if you end up specialising in a particular role, you’ll have the breadth of knowledge you need to work well with the rest of your team/s.

CDMP graduates work in a variety of roles and organisations, from SMEs, start-ups and non-profits to multi-disciplinary marketing teams in large businesses. Whether you’re upskilling, certifying your knowledge or changing careers, the future’s digital.

Get certified. Get ahead.

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