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All Articles / Accounting and Bookkeeping

5 mins with Melissa Nettle, Accounting & Bookkeeping trainer

Meet Mel, your accounting and bookkeeping trainer

Melissa is a ray of sunshine at Monarch Institute. As one of the trainers in the accounting and bookkeeping team, she has a way with students – passionate, positive and always finding a new way to help them learn. We chatted about what keeps her coming back to the books…

1. Why do you love accounting and bookkeeping?

I have an analytical and curious mind. I love investigating and I gain a lot of satisfaction in finding solutions. I love working with figures and playing around with them in my mind. And in the end, I love helping people to find solutions!

2. Your best tip for staying motivated when studying?

  • Break tasks down into manageable chunks.
  • Always remember your end goal and why you chose to study.
  • Ask for help! We’re not superhuman. It’s OK to need help and support.
  • Understand that you are going to make mistakes. Use this as a learning opportunity.
  • Connect with positive people who have the same study and career goals.
  • Avoid negativity as this can lead to you feeling unmotivated.

3. Advice for students wanting to get into an accounting or bookkeeping role?

  • Study first! Complete a relevant course which fits in with your career goals.
  • Connect with people who can help you to progress in your chosen field.
  • Research accountant and bookkeeping roles so that you are aware of the skills and knowledge required.
  • Stay up to date with current industry trends.

4. The best project you’ve worked on?

Working with our ICAN with MYOB team and students. This was a lot of fun and definitely full of surprises. Certainly kept me on my toes. Loved seeing our students overcome many challenges to succeed and graduate.

If you’re keen to know more about studying bookkeeping and accounting with Monarch, check out our courses here or call 1300 73 8955 to chat with a Course Consultant.

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