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5 tips for studying online

Set yourself up for success

Online learning is designed to be inherently flexible. You can study in your own time and in your way. But how do you make sure you actually nail it?

Here are five practical ways to get the most out of your online study experience:

1. Set realistic goals.

Telling yourself you’ll start studying as soon as your Netflix binge finishes isn’t realistic. By the time you get set up, get in a positive frame of mind and get reading, you may have passed your prime time to study. Set up your goals at the start of the week and stick to them. Make sure you understand the workload required for each module, so that you can balance study with work and personal life.

2. Break it up.

Divide your study into manageable pieces of learning.  Create a timeline that is reasonable and achievable. Don’t become overwhelmed with the entirety of your course.

3. Make a plan.

If ‘I’ll just wing it’ is your motto you might not like this tip. But seriously? Sometimes it helps to have a few plans in motion so you can make the most of your study time. Start simple and plan out your study time each week, use a to-do list, and even use sticky notes on the wall if it helps.

4. Ask for help.

If you’re stuck on something, make sure you ask for help. In an online learning environment it’s easy to just carry on and it’s not until the end that you realise you haven’t grasped a concept. If something doesn’t seem to make sense, talk to your Monarch Institute trainers or fellow online study buddies. If you’re already part of a private Facebook group, ask your trainer to join up, as this is a good place to start.

5. Reward yourself.

It may be a walk, a coffee break or a chocolate bar.  Give yourself mini rewards and you’ll find the hours flying by and the workload diminishing.

Ok! Time to get planning.


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