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Getting support whilst studying

Have you asked your family if they can help?

Undertaking a new course can be sometimes overwhelming and a source of stress if you’ve already got a pretty full plate. The key to success is to have the support of your friends and family.

So what can they do to help you?

  • Make sure your family knows why you’re studying and why it’s important to you. Remind them of the possible opportunities once you complete your qualification. Is this your happiness and wellbeing? future employment prospects? or the possibility of increased household income?
  • Make your family and friends feel included by letting them know how much work is involved for you. Ask them if they’ve got any concerns and encourage communication.
  • Get them up to speed on your new schedule – highlighting the days you’ve set aside for studying. If you’ve got housemates, put a sign on your door when you can’t be interrupted.
  • Let your loved ones know what they can do for you. Can you outsource dinner a few nights a week, or get a neighbor to take the kids to the park on Sunday afternoons? You’ll be surprised at how much people want to help, so let them know what you need.
  • If you have performed the majority of household tasks, let your family or housemates know you won’t be able to do as much now you are studying. Renegotiate some household tasks and decide who can do which job.

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