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Mayor, Councillor and Small Business Owner

How David juggles life

Jumping straight from Year 12, into a demanding job as a local Councillor would seem pretty overwhelming to some. But Monarch Institute student David Eden managed to do just that and threw in a business startup and a leadership and management qualification as well.

In 2012 David was elected a Councillor to the City of Kingston whilst still studying year 12; and in 2016, was elected Mayor at just 22 years of age.

“In my role as Councillor and Mayor I’ve had the opportunity to work with our local community and be their voice, in ensuring long-term planning and policy development to guide the Council’s priorities. Being Mayor opened my eyes to the amazingly diverse community we live in, and has provided a great opportunity to meet, learn about and help those in my community”.

Amongst this success, David realised he needed to develop his leadership and management skills so that he could nail areas such as people management, financial management and the overall business organisation. But it wasn’t just a matter of turning up to a classroom to get those skills under his belt.

“Given all of the different activities and roles I’m involved in, finding the time to study, to complete assessments and attend classes, became impossible. Traditional studying just wasn’t going to work alongside representing my community and managing my business”.

David decided to take on the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management and says it was a pretty easy decision to choose Monarch.

“The flexibility of Monarch, and being able to study in my own time, at a time that suited me was really appealing. It was also about the support – and I knew my trainer would be available if I needed help at any stage”.

But how do you juggle a small business, being a Councillor and studying at the same time?

“For me it’s about knowing in advance what needs to be done, allocating time to it, and creating a list of task. I just put my head down and prioritise that list, and stay focused. My secret? Do one thing at a time! As soon as I start floating between tasks, I know I need to get back onto one complete it, and then move on. It’s the best way to be efficient”

The course has given David the confidence to continue his work in his own business – Designer Plants, as well as in his role as a Councillor.

“I’ve really enjoyed the course so far, and in particular, being able to use the content in my day to day role. In my business I oversee the management of the business operations, so a lot of what I’ve learnt so far is really relevant, and not just theory and jargon. Now as the business grows, I have been able to spend more time on the big picture strategies, and really build up a future for the business. For now though, it’s back to the books for me. I’m close to finishing and looking forward to getting that certificate in the mail!”.

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