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All Articles / Accounting and Bookkeeping

What does a bookkeeper or accountant earn?

Every business needs accounting and bookkeeping services. Retail, engineering, manufacturing, finance, IT – you name it. Many individuals require accounting and bookkeeping services too. After all, most Aussies pay tax. Accounting is a skill set that is important whether the economy is thriving or not. In fact, there’s greater demand for accountants when the economy is struggling.

Accountancy and bookkeeping can both be flexible career options. You can work both full and part time. And you are not constrained to working in the cities. In fact, thanks to the latest web-based accounting software you can work from anywhere.

Once you have a bookkeeping or accountancy qualification, you are on your way to a world of opportunity.

So what’s the cash like?

On average, a full-time accountants salary is $70,000 – $90,000 and an average full time bookkeeping salary is $65,000 – $80,000.

There are some real bonuses about considering a career in bookkeeping and accounting.

You’ll be in-demand
The call for qualified accountants continues to grow each year. Currently there are around 189,100 accountants employed in Australia. In the five years, this figure is expected to grow by 6.9%.

A career that could take you anywhere…
There are many career pathways in accountancy. In other words, you’ve got more job options than you might think. You could work your way up from roles such as bookkeeper or payroll officer. Studying for a higher qualification while you start working in the field is a great way to have the best of both worlds. It’s up to you.

Variety of opportunities
Working in an accountancy firm allows you to specialise in tax and/or financial planning. Aside from the ‘big four’ accountancy firms, there are plenty of small and medium firms. It is estimated that there are about 38,565 businesses in this industry. Alternatively, you might want to pursue a career in industry.

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