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What does Payroll Officer earn?

You may think payroll officers spend their time alone, buried under paperwork and calculators, and not engaged in any other parts of an organisation. But the truth is that payroll officers require a strong customer service element, good communication and strong interpersonal skills. Payroll officers service the whole organisation they work for, managing the payment process for full-time, part-time and casually contracted staff. This means, you need to be an excellent written and verbal communicator with strong financial skills and an eye for detail.

A career as a payroll expert or human resources (HR) officer can be very rewarding. You’ve got a variety of paths to choose from. You’ll learn a variety of skills and knowledge across a breadth disciplines during your studies. That makes your qualification a springboard to a world of opportunities in both payroll and HR. Every business needs payroll services. Retail, engineering, manufacturing, finance, IT – you name it.

So what can I earn?

Average full time earnings per week:

  • Payroll officers: $1,054
  • Human resource professionals: $1,339
  • Accounting officers: $1,071

Be an in-demand professional

With the introduction of single touch payroll in late 2018 it is imperative that payroll officers have a thorough understanding of employee salary packages. Upskilling will set yourself apart from the crowd creating opportunities to expand your client basis or receive that promotion you’ve been waiting for.

Alternative pathways

‘Payroll officer’ isn’t the only job title you could have after graduating from the Diploma of Payroll Services.

The skills you’ll develop could also help you stand out of the crowd as a:

  • Small business manager
  • Small business administrator
  • Human resources (HR) officer
  • Bookkeeping assistant
  • Compliance officer
  • Assistant financial controller

Because the Diploma of Payroll Services is a nationally recognised qualification, you may also be able to use it as a pathway to further study at university level. You could continue to study a breadth of areas including accounting, human resources, and business. If you’re planning on doing this, it’s best to check with the uni of your choice as to whether they’ll offer you credit, before enrolling with Monarch Institute.

Interested in learning more about becoming payroll officer? Get in touch on 1300 738 955 or check out our Diploma of Payroll Services here.

Any questions? Ask away!