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What support will I get as a student?

Your trainers will support you


One of our most commonly asked questions at Monarch is ‘what support will I get?’.

After enrolling, you’ll get access to a trainer. You can contact your trainer at any time via email or set up a time to chat or skype. If you’re in Victoria, you can pop into our head office the Melboure CBD for a one on one session. Our trainers know these courses inside out and are on hand to help you with any questions or practical challenges you might have. It’s your trainer’s job to make sure you’re confident in your knowledge before you take on your assessments or exams.

Then it’s up to you to check in with trainer when you need support or just to say hi. Because depending on what you’re studying, you may know your trainer for up to two years – so get to know them!

Monarch’s trainers are all working professionals who alternate between their jobs and their roles as trainers. We only hire the best. You’ll see us spruiking about them regularly, ‘cos we honestly think they are the bee’s knees.

Got questions about studying online? Give us a call on 1300 738 955 or visit our courses to see which one is right or you.

Any questions? Ask away!