Sonya Warne

About Sonya Warne

I began my love of business as a twelve-year-old when my family bought a small business which I helped in regularly. That started my entrepreneurial journey and as with many entrepreneurs I have started quite a few businesses along my life’s journey. Some of them a lot more successful than others but all of them have been great learning opportunities about business, management and people. In fact, some of the best lessons learned came from the unsuccessful business ventures. As the saying goes ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’. Give it a go, step out of your comfort zone and learn from both your successes and failures is my philosophy.

My passion for learning lead me to complete qualifications to become a school teacher and trainer/assessor. After trying some teaching in schools I discovered I prefer teaching in alternative education environments. So began my transition to training and assessing in RTO’s. I believe in lifelong learning and I am always on a quest to learn new skills and knowledge for myself and to help others on their learning journey. I especially love small business and empowering others to start their own entrepreneurial adventure.

Iphone photography, exploring nature while car camping along the way, spending time with my family and learning new digital technologies are all some of the interests that keep me occupied as I navigate this journey called life.

Academic Credentials

  • Certificate IV in Small Business Management
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessing
  • Diploma of Business (Management)
  • Project Management
  • Bachelor of Applied Management Studies
  • Graduate Diploma of Education

Work Experience

  • Trainer/assessor
  • Micro business as a self published author using various pen names within a few different catergories/genres
  • Primary School Teacher
  • Trainer and assessor – Federation University Australia
  • Trainer and assessor – Carrick Education
  • Trainer and assessor – Madec
  • Dog Grooming business – 13 years
  • Domestic and commercial cleaning business – 8 years
  • Courier business – 2 years
  • Other micro businesses along the way such as importing baby products from and China and selling online

Business and leadership blogs

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