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All Articles / Accounting and Bookkeeping

5 Tips For Study Success

The Power of Online Learning for Busy Lifestyles

Studying online offers flexibility for people with busy lifestyles. Students find they can combine family, work and social commitments more effectively when they are able to self-pace their learning rate. For some, this is a new way of learning and initially can be a little overwhelming so we have created a list of studying tips to get you started and to help you successfully manage your course work

1. Know yourself:

Are you a morning or evening person? Do you work better in a tidy environment or away from home? Do you need music, sunshine or exercise for inspiration? Is a reward necessary to keep you motivated? Identify the factors that optimise your learning output and progression and build them into your study plan.

2. Chunk it Down:

Divide your study into manageable pieces of learning.  Create a timeline that is reasonable and achievable. Don’t become overwhelmed with the entirety of your course.

3. Know what help is available:

At Monarch your success is our success so we encourage you to talk to a trainer, join our forums or ring administration for general assistance. Every question is important and students are supported by course experts throughout their studies.

4. Understand the nuts and bolts of your course:

If you know what’s in the course you can plan accordingly.  Consider the structure and course content. Understand the extent of reading and assessment required so that you know what to expect in terms of study load.

5. Attack early and avoid the deadly procrastination fairy:

Everyone procrastinates but one way to avoid delaying for the sake of delaying is to visual the finishing line and potential benefits that will come your way on completion. Remind yourself of the investment you have made and praise yourself for committing to it. As you progress the finishing line will change from a distant objective to a real and imminent achievement.

Get ready to celebrate your success!

To read more about studying online with Monarch, check out our study guides here, or call one of our friendly Course Consultants on 1300 738 955.

Any questions? Ask away!