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A new language of bookkeeping

Melody’s student success story

It’s a huge step to take on a course in a new country where English is not your first language. For Melody, coming from Japan and then signing up to an online course was a huge challenge but a necessary step for gaining skills in a new area.

“The biggest challenge for me was to understand the questions. Sometimes I couldn’t understand them at all and I had to use Google translator (which is not actually a really a good translation tool!) and I also learnt Japanese accounting. I feel like after completing this course I should not only have an Australian qualification but a Japanese one, too!”

After working in sales in her birth country Japan, Melody then became a teacher in Australia after moving here. She also took on the financial reporting for her husband’s business and found she had a flair for it.

“I had never worked in accounting or bookkeeping before. When I started doing the reporting for my husband, he was really happy with my efforts but I knew then that I wanted to learn about bookkeeping properly.”

Melody worked hard to get through the Certificate IV in bookkeeping and accounting and to understand the key areas of accounting and bookkeeping. But with the challenges, she also enjoyed being able to study at her own pace and setting goals that she could work towards.

“Initially I considered going to TAFE to learn in the classroom, but I have to work in my husband’s business during the week, so I applied for Monarch’s online course. It was a good decision. I learnt something every day and I felt proud of myself for getting the right answer each step of the way, which I didn’t know one week ago”.

And now that Melody has completed her qualification she feels much more confident that she has a better understanding of the bookkeeping industry and better employment options in the future.

“I would love to offer bookkeeping services to people who don’t have time to do bookkeeping or who have just started their own business and don’t know about bookkeeping. I also want to help Japanese people who own businesses who have challenges communicating in English”.

Mostly, she’s looking forward to kicking off a new chapter.
“I will open my eyes and jump into my new world to use the skills which I learnt at Monarch”.

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