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Celebrations for the second year of ‘I CAN with MYOB’ students

Things are looking up for this hard working group

Last week saw celebrations amongst the second I CAN with MYOB cohort of students, as they graduated from their Certificate IV in Bookkeeping and Accounting course.

The I CAN with MYOB Program gives people with a wide range of ages, cultural and social backgrounds, and abilities the opportunity to become qualified bookkeepers. With the support of MYOB, Infoxchange and the Association of Accounting Technicians, students attend workshops, industry events, and can access one on one training support to prepare them for a career in bookkeeping and accounting.

For student Carmel, the decision to apply for the program was something she hadn’t really put much time into. After being made redundant after 25 years in her job, she was ready for a new direction.

“I stumbled across the program online and thought it would be a great opportunity to not only acquire a qualification but also gain knowledge of the MYOB software. Both of which would help me secure my next job”.

Carmel, as well as the other program participants, had experienced some disadvantage or barrier to securing employment, due to lack of professional qualifications, experience, poor health or other reasons. With the help of the supporting organisations, and mentor and trainer Melissa Nettle from Monarch, the group were able to reach the finish line.

“My main challenge was to stay motivated and keep going during times when I was feeling overwhelmed,” said Carmel, “But there was a lot of enjoyment too, such as the content of the course and returning to study after such a long time. I also enjoyed meeting such an amazing group of people, not only my fellow students but the support team. Without them, it would not have been possible”

Speaking last week about the success of the second year, CEO of Monarch, Nick Chapman said, “Monarch is really proud to be the training provider to these students and help set them up for their careers in bookkeeping. They have worked so hard to get this far and it’s clear that they have the determination and skills to succeed. We look forward to hearing about their successes”.

For Carmel, who celebrated by going out for dinner with her family, she is looking to the future to see what she can do with her new skills.

“Now I’d just love to get a job where I can use my qualification and apply everything that I’ve learnt!”.

For more information about the I CAN with MYOB program please get in touch with one of Monarch’s Course Consultants on  1300 738 955.

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