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Get your lifestyle study-ready

Just the thought of fitting a healthy lifestyle in with socialising and studying can be overwhelming. But if you’re serious about getting ready to tackle an online course, getting your life study-ready may be easier that you think. A few simple steps can really make a difference when it comes to the time you actually have to start studying.

Before you jump in, try these ways to get your life study-ready:

1. Tell your friends

Believe or not, your friends and family want to know how they can support you. Tell them why you’re studying and how this will help you in the long term. You’d be surprised at how supportive people will be. Take it a step further and get them to help you – suggest a time they can pick up your kids, or let them cook dinner one night. The small things will help you stick to your study plans.

2. Talk to your boss

If you’re upskilling to help further your career, your boss may already be across your study plans. But if you’re doing this outside of your role, let your workplace know why and what you’re doing. Again, you’ll be surprised at how supportive people may be – they may be able to take on some of your workload, to enable you to spend time on studying. Or you may be able to negotiate a few RDO’s to help keep your study momentum going.

3. Be realistic

Studying is no walk in the park, whether you’re returning after many years, or trying it for the first time. Give yourself a break when it does get challenging, and remember to be realistic in terms of what you can achieve. If you’ve hit a speed bump, each out to your trainer and remember that plenty of students have taken this path before you, and have realised their goal in the end. Don’t forget to reward yourself for reaching the small goals and schedule in some well-deserved relaxation time.

4. Get set up

Online studying may be flexible, but that doesn’t mean you’ll always get your best work done on the lawn, or standing on the train. Before you start studying, consider setting up a space at home (or find a good library) that will help you shut out the world if you need to. Keep it simple and clean to minimise distractions, and keep your textbooks in one place so they don’t end up lost or in the recycle bin (!). If you have one place with all your gear, you’ll find it easier to knuckle down to get a few hours of study done.

OK, now you’re one step closer to being study ready. Let’s do this!

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