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How to stay sane in an insane time

We know we’re in this for the long haul and we know you’ve heard it all before. But are you possibly ignoring all the advice now that it’s been a few weeks? If you and your family are working or studying from home and going a little stir crazy, run your eye over these three basic tips to stay sane in this insane time.

Go for a walk

Chuck on your shoes (ha, remember those?) grab the kids and go for a 20-minute walk around your neighbourhood. In an apartment? Make it x 10 stair runs or do 50 burpees to get your blood pumping. There are loads of awesome websites that offer short stretching sessions, or one-hour yoga classes for free.
Check out these:
Even just getting out in your backyard for 20 minutes a day to breathe in some fresh air and soak up Vitamin D will help you feel better and more refreshed.

Facetime/ Zoom/ House Party

Yes, speaking on the phone is great but using Facetime and other similar apps add a different element to human connection and communication. Set a date, make a coffee and virtually catch up with your friends, family and animals via your device.


Keep your daily routine. As appealing as it sounds to stay in your PJs all day, it’s not very good for your psyche. Get dressed into something comfortable but is smart casual, as your brain reacts to this in a positive way and helps keep you motivated and on track throughout the day. Yes, it’s tempting to have a lazy morning and make the hours up at night but try to stick to your work schedule/ routine as much as possible. Sticking to your normal routine will help keep you feeling relaxed and comfortable.

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