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Running a family business – why is it so hard?

Running a family business – why is it so hard and how to make it work!

It seems like the perfect partnership – a sibling or relative as your small business partner, similar values, similar enthusiasm, complementary skill-sets. What could go wrong?

Well, a lot actually. As Family Business Australia state – 70 percent of family businesses fail or sell before the second generation takes over. And 90 per cent of family businesses fail or sell before the third generation takes over.

So how do you avoid being one of the statistics?

It comes down to knowledge transfer, strategic business planning and communication, but most importantly – succession planning.

Succession planning may be one of the most important factors and challenging experiences that a small family business face, especially if you’ve built the family business from scratch. Therefore it is crucial to get the process of succession right. Treat succession planning like it is urgent, because it takes time. A good succession plan can be the first step in maintaining the strength of an enterprise and the family’s prosperity for generations to come.

Your successor may possess the skills needed for the core business activities. It is also important to have knowledge of business planning, sales, marketing, operations, monitoring tools, human resources management and managing finances. These skills will complement existing knowledge and ensure sustainability in business operations.

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