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Five reasons to consider a career in logistics

Who doesn't love getting mail?

No matter what kind of education or experience you’ve got, chances are you’ve come in to contact with the logistics sector at some point. Maybe you’ve received deliveries, organised shipping/post, or packaged goods for transport. But have you ever thought about actually working in logistics? If you’re looking for a change, and want a career with plenty of opportunity and variety, logistics could be right for you.

Here are just five of the reasons you should consider a career in logistics.

1. There are plenty of opportunities – and job openings are growing

According to government stats, vacancies in logistics are set to grow by around 5% in the years up to May 2023 . There’ll be roughly 30,000 extra jobs in the sector. Some areas, like road transport, will grow by nearly 8%. And because of the nature of the industry, there are opportunities all around Australia – not just in the big cities.

2. It can pay well

Depending on the role and the organisation, a logistics worker can earn more than the average Aussie. The average weekly earnings are about $1,225 . Purchasing and supply logistics clerks make about $1,251, while supply, distribution and procurement managers make about $2,519 .

3. Logistics can take you anywhere

Ever wanted to live and work in another city, or another country? Logistics could take you there. If travelling and experiencing new cultures sounds exciting to you, consider international logistics. Working in importing, exporting, or freight operations could mean seeing the world and getting paid.

4. There’s tons of variety

In logistics, you could end up working with different products and equipment every day. For example, if you work in the transport industry, you could be transporting huge machinery one day, consumer goods the next, and medical supplies the day after that. There will always be new challenges, like moving goods in emergency situations, or transporting dangerous goods, or storing essential consumer goods like food and clothing.

5. Be part of running the country

There’s a saying amongst Aussie logistics workers – especially truckies – that goes along the lines of “if we stop, Australia stops”. It’s true that when logistics operations are compromised, it can make a huge difference to communities and individuals at either end of the supply chain. On the flip side, logistics managers can make a huge difference in the quality of life of everyday people by optimising supply chains. And it doesn’t have to be transporting organs for transplants (yikes!) or getting food to drought-stricken regional areas. By making a difference to the supply chain, you can make accessing everyday goods and services simpler and cheaper.

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