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What makes a good project manager?

A project manager is responsible for planning and overseeing projects. They coordinate people and processes to deliver projects on time and within budget. But being able to do that while also being inspiring, motivating and cool under pressure is what makes a good project manager.

Project management focuses on the planning, development, and implementation of new business ideas, ensuring all stages of the process are completed as smoothly as possible. The key components of a project that need to be considered are:

  • Project scope and what tasks need to be completed
  • Developing and managing budgets
  • Resourcing and scheduling
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Meeting deadlines

Project managers are essential in a range of industries. Some of the key industries include IT, finance, retail, hospitality, construction and healthcare.

Project managers of today need to have a broad set of both technical and soft skills. To be a good project manager some of the most crucial skills are process improvement, leading people, and time management.

While some industries may need you to have industry experience, having specific project management skills are highly sought after by employers. Coupled with the right character traits many project managers enjoy the benefits of being able to move across multiple industries.

What qualities make a good project manager?

While project managers work in almost every industry, and it’s great to have some industry knowledge, there are a few qualities that will help make you a good project manager regardless of the field you work in.

  1. Great with people and communicating
    Even though you, as a Project Manager, may be responsible for the success of a project, you can’t do it alone. That’s why it’s important to be able to effectively manage the people and resources available to you to get the job done. Being able to motivate people of varying skills to work together to achieve a common goal is essential to the success of any project.
  2. Resilience
    Project management can be very exciting. It’s fast paced and dynamic with a growing demand for skilled people. But at times there will also be pressure. Deadlines and budget blowouts are a big responsibility. And things don’t always go according to plan. It’s important to have the resilience needed to cope with the challenges you’ll come across. Not only will it improve your performance, but it will also help others involved in the project.
  3. Troubleshooting and adaptability
    Good project managers know how to problem solve and can adapt their thinking, approach and plans to suit new conditions. Projects often need to move at a fast pace, and the larger the project the more likely it will need to adapt as things progress. Good project managers are able to adapt and respond to problems. But they also need to empower others in the team to do the same. It’s impossible for one person to have full control of how a project is implemented.
  4. Negotiation
    Different project stakeholders often have opposing views, and it’s up to the project manager to negotiate a resolution. It’s impossible to keep everyone happy all the time, but the aim is to resolve conflicts, build trust, and avoid project delays. Collaborating, listening, and compromising are great tools to have at your disposal.

What makes a good leader in project management?

Most projects have a team of people who are involved with the delivery of the project. Some may be employees who work for the same company while others may be contractors or external suppliers. Regardless, a big part of being able to effectively project manage is to be a good leader.

  • Strong communication skills
  • Collaborate with others for best results
  • Problem solve
  • Motivate and influence
  • Be resourceful

Others working on the project will look to you as project manager, especially when things aren’t going according to plan. The ability to remain calm and focused under pressure is highly valued.

What makes a good construction project manager?

A construction project manager is often what people initially think of when they hear the term ‘project manager.’ A construction manager is responsible for resources, people, services and materials throughout the construction process to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.

A good construction project manager needs to be a gun at organising and coordinating multiple and varied activities on both a small and large scale. Strong attention to detail and good people management skills are important.

A construction project manager works with everyone involved in the project, from the subcontractors to the engineers and architects. So although it might be great to have an interest in building and construction, being a people person is also important. You’ll also need to be able to work well under pressure.

As one of the highest paid positions in the construction industry, it’s common to need a qualification to be able to secure the best roles. Plus having work experience in the building and construction industry is an advantage.

What makes a good IT project manager?

IT (Information Technology) or ICT (Information and Communication Technology) project managers need skills and attributes similar to project managers of any industry. But they also need a strong understanding of the technology being developed or the information technology processes needed to complete the project.

IT project managers need to be good at:

  • Persuading key people to be involved with or support the project
  • Communicating openly and effectively with the team
  • Motivating the team
  • Following key processes
  • Knowing the technology you’re supporting.

If you’re thinking of a career as an IT or ICT project manager, you usually need to complete a degree in computer science or information technology.

The good news is that the Diploma of Project Management at Monarch Institute is nationally recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework. This means you can use it as a pathway to uni. A great option is to complete the Diploma so you get a broad understanding of project management and then leverage that to specialise in IT project management with further study.

What makes a good agile project manager?

Agile project management is a continual and ongoing approach to managing software development projects. It focuses on continuous releases and updates incorporating customer feedback with every new version.

Agile project management has now expanded beyond the world of software development and IT. It’s a staged approach to delivering a project and uses a collaborative working approach, especially with the customer.

Valuing flexibility and adaptability, the agile approach relies on an organisation’s or team’s ability to be flexible to change. If done well they can deliver value to their customer as they react and adapt to continuous feedback.

The agile approach to project management allows for adjustments at regular intervals to ensure that the customer remains satisfied and gets what they’re looking for.

What is the best project management course?

To become a project manager it will help if you’ve completed some form of additional education. There are a couple of paths you can go down to get the education you need, but a Diploma of Project Management is one of the more common paths to follow.

Monarch’s Diploma of Project Management is ideal for independent learners ready to take the next step. The flexible, 100% online delivery is a great option especially if you need to balance work or family commitments with your study.

It doesn’t matter what sector you want to work in, this course is designed to teach the fundamental aspects of delivering projects. You’ll graduate with real-world skills and strategies you can apply to projects in any sector.

Diploma of Project Management

If you’re thinking of a career in project management choose a course that will give you the real-life skills employers are looking for. With Monarch Institute’s Diploma of Project Management, you’ll be job-ready as soon as you complete the course.

With a high demand and strong growth forecast, project management is a highly attractive career especially if you have logical, analytical, and business skills. Online courses will help you develop these skills so you have the knowledge needed across a large number of industries.

Get in touch with one of our Course Consultants who can help you take the next step to a successful career as a Project Manager.

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