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5 minutes with Gary Hatfield, your Project Management Trainer

Gary Hatfield has such a varied experience. He’s worked across a range of industries – public infrastructure, mining, telecommunications, transport, retail and services, and more. He not only trains in project management but he built Monarch’s Diploma of Project Management. He knows this course like the back of his hand!

1. Why do you love project management?

Variety! I move to different challenges in different industries and work with different stakeholders on each project. I don’t do boring.

2. What’s your best tip for staying motivated when studying?

If you focus on the endpoint, on receiving your diploma, then I think you are making hard work of it and it can be difficult to stay focused. If you focus on components, on each lesson and how it can help you, on how you can build on your own experiences, then this is more achievable. It’s much easier to learn if you are interested in the subject.

3. Advice for students wanting to get into a PM role?

Look for ways to move sideways; to manage something away from your safety zone; to prove to your boss that you can MANAGE. Then make your way up in your organisation.

4. The craziest project you’ve worked on in your career?

I was an analyst for a consulting company on a strategic planning review. The project manager quit and was asked to take over. A quick performance assessment showed why the PM had bailed. Most of the allocated time had expired, nearly all of the budget had been spent but the work was not even half completed. After lots of stakeholder work, we delivered a really successful project. Who would have thought?!


Check out Monarch’s Project Management courses here, and see why our students love studying online with Gary’s support.

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