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Changing careers; it’s tough but worth it

Kreete’s story

Blogging about her adventures for her family and being in a job that wasn’t quite right for her, was the catalyst for Kreete Tokman to change careers. After spending nine years working in hospitality, she made the brave decision to follow her dream to work in marketing and hasn’t looked back.

“My interest in social media marketing really started when I was sharing my travel stories with family and friends back in Estonia (where I’m from). I quickly realised content creation was something I wanted to make money with and the biggest hurdle was to make people aware of my brand and blog. This ultimately led me to Monarch Institute”.

Now, as a Digital Marketing Account Manager, Kreete is crediting her new love of work to her skills gained from studying.

“I went from not wanting to go to work when I woke up every morning, to doing something I love every day. I know it’s such a cliché when people say that by doing what you love, you aren’t working a day in your life, but this is now my reality”.

Returning to study after many years is a challenge for anyone, and Kreete was no different. Once she realised that marketing was the field for her, she set about researching courses and providers.

“I realised it can be difficult to get into a new field without relevant qualifications to back me up, so a decision was made to join Monarch Institute. I enrolled in the Diploma of Social Media Marketing and have two more assessments to go, which I’m really enjoying”.

“I loved that the course was delivered online as living in rural NSW, I couldn’t get to classes in person. I also wanted flexibility in learning as much or as little as I felt from day to day. The structure of the course allowed me to take time off when life demands it and power through most of the topics when the motivation hit me!”

Passion and drive is one thing, but juggling life, work and study is a challenge. Kreete found that having an interest in the topic definitely helped her stay on track, and she created little blocks of time to knuckle down and work through the content.

“A great way for me to study after work was to set aside at least 15 minutes every day to focus on my course. Next thing you know, I may have spent half an hour or even several hours by just committing to 15 minutes a day. And even if I only did 15 minutes, I was still closer to my goal”.

And it’s been worthwhile. Kreete’s confidence has skyrocketed and job offers appeared even before she had graduated.

“I applied for a couple of local marketing positions even before graduating and felt confident that by completing the majority of the course, I could offer my skills and learn even more while in the marketing environment. I received two job offers, one as a marketing coordinator and lead generation for a local business and the other as a digital marketing account manager for a marketing agency. I was so pumped! It’s been an amazing start to my career and there’s no way I would have felt comfortable enough to apply if I didn’t have the skills I learned through Monarch Institute”.

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