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  • Can you seriously learn from fellow students?

      Well we are going to test the theory…so we hope so! But before we explain how we are going to get students to collaborate via our Online community forums, let me first explain the back story. The Senior Trainers at Monarch sat down at the CBD meeting [ more ]

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  • 5 ways to invest in YOURSELF

      While Australia has had an extraordinary run of good economic times, when it comes to employment the market is becoming more competitive, with unemployment trending upwards and wages flatlining. It’s an environment where everyone – young, old, self-employed or rusted-on staffer – can benefit from an active [ more ]

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  • Bitcoins – fad or the real thing?

    In a ground breaking deal last week Westpac Banking Corporation’s venture capital fund, Reinventure Group has invested in Coinbase, a Bitcoin company based in San Francisco. This is the first time a deal has been made between an Australian bank and Bitcoin putting Westpac at the forefront of [ more ]

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  • How much is MYOB worth? Try 2 Billion Dollars.

    MYOB listed on the stock exchange in May 2015 at a commanding 2 Billion dollar price tag! If there was ever a question about precisely how valuable this accounting software company was,  the share market debut confirmed it. MYOB is still the big daddy of accounting software in [ more ]

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  • 2015 Federal Budget Snapshot

    Another course update – thanks Joe Hockey! Another year and another Federal Budget. Apart from being very tired…the good news is Monarch’s financial planning course writers are feverishly updating the course materials to take account of all the changes for both the Diploma of Financial Planning and Advanced Diploma [ more ]

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  • Learn about annuities in our Diploma of Financial Planning. A good option?

    Annuities in a nutshell Investing in cash is simple right? Well in the most part yes. However, different investment options do exist when it comes to deciding how to invest in cash or fixed interest investment options. But first let’s get a little perspective. Historically people have felt [ more ]

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  • Accounting software package review

    With numerous software packages out in the accounting and bookkeeping arenas, choosing the best one for your business needs can be confusing.  At Monarch many inquiries come from people who have had extensive experience with one particular package and want to know the pros and cons of other [ more ]

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  • Learn and listen up, …TED’s talking

      If you are in need of a little inspiration, knowledge and ideas from time to time and you DON’T want to study within a ‘paid’ course, are there other options? In short yes. But first, a confession. We think ongoing learning is awesome in any form and [ more ]

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  • Are you looking for an RG146 specific Online Insurance course?

    When talking about life insurance it’s certainly not one-size fits all.  Whoever said, ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’, was dead wrong when it comes to life insurance. While protection against adversity is always wise, peoples’ needs change as they move through different ages and stages of [ more ]

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  • Is debt good or bad?

    Debt – the good, the bad and the ugly It’s no surprise people try to enjoy the present day, but at the same time also want to invest for their future (…including retirement). Often debt plays a pivotal role along this journey. Whether studying our financial planning course [ more ]

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