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  • Take two on the ‘Tax (Financial) Adviser’ licensing requirements

    Occasionally, you are fortunate enough to land on a table with a bona fide conspiracy theorist at a lunchtime financial advice industry event. And it happened to me last week! The rule book on ‘safe conversation’ topics was firmly thrown out the window on this day once an [ more ]

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  • New Career? New You?

      Have you ever woken up and thought “I just can’t do this any more?” I have. You know the feeling, when you are on the brink of something new. You sense you need to step into a new stage in your working life. Follow these steps below [ more ]

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  • What you learn at Harvard University

      Yesterday I got a call on my mobile phone from a good friend Ceinwen. She is one of those people that is good at everything. It almost makes you jealous. She is 39 years old, smart, career minded, hard working and not surprisingly got snapped up by [ more ]

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  • How You Can Rewire Your Brain To Be More Positive and Happier

    Many students find that getting through their studies takes a lot of energy and they long for the day they complete their course. While that day will surely come, you don’t have to feel negative about the intervening time. It has been proven that you can actually train [ more ]

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  • Small Business: The Australian Necessity

    “When small business is growing, jobs are growing”  – Federal Small Business Minister Kelly O’Dwyer.[1] We’ve heard it before – Australia is, by population, a small country. This means we have a small workforce, and a small consumer base. And, in keeping with our small theme, we rely heavily [ more ]

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  • How you can avoid a Dick Smith moment

      Dick Smith. Profit one day …. bye bye the next If you were unlucky enough to receive a Dick Smith Gift Voucher this Christmas, but haven’t used it yet, it might well be worthless! Yesterday, Dick Smith the iconic Aussie electronics retailer called in the receivers. The [ more ]

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  • Get ready for success – The SMART way!

    “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.” – Robert Collier Success is a subjective measurement – it’s up to each individual to define what they consider to be successful achievements. Success is also fluid, in that your definition of success can change over time [ more ]

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  • Want to get smart quicker? ….then learn how you learn, with style.

    Being enrolled as an adult student in any course of study is a big undertaking. It demands your time, it demands your commitment and foremost it demands that you learn, and usually it’s a large amount of information within a condensed period of time. It’s a big ask [ more ]

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  • Is it sound financial advice to tell a client to buy a boat?

      The short answer is often yes! Ok before my “conservative” financial planning colleagues shake their head in despair, I have a confession to make. I understand the difference between a lifestyle asset (…aka a boat) and an investment asset like shares. I just think the ‘investing’ client [ more ]

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  • MYOB cloud makes for a bright future

    Bye bye paper! Bookkeeping and accounting professionals have for decades worked in a manually intensive process environment, highly dependent on working under torrents of paper and being physically on-site. It was not so long ago, within your lifetime actually, that businesses operated totally dependent on the exchange of [ more ]

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